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Full Version: Ultimate Disapointment
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so i picked up ultimate spiderman this weekend.its a pretty sweet game but after 5 hours it was over.but when you beat them game you get to ramapge through the city as Venom and collect various lame unlockables(think GTA as venom)you can do it as spiderman to but spiderman cant throw cars or jump 50 feet into the air.its a cool game but i suggest if you like spiderman just rent it. Venom is a freight train :o
If you haven't already done so, you'd be better off getting the Hulk: Ultimate Destruction or X-men Legends 2 (Think PS2's version of Baldurs gate w/ online playability for xbox).

The other option is lock yourself up in a closet, hugging tightly a Hunewearl doll, thinking only of sweet sweet rappy love making, waiting patiently for PSU.

Sounds good to me, personally I'm not too crazy about long games heh. I like the whole look of the game. Looks to be real fun.
any game i can beat in one sitting is a major disapointment imo
So you must really hate fighting games, and games like Contra or Metal Slug etc. cry2.gif
fighting games and shooters have a lot more replayability and usually have worthwhile unlockables ultimate spiderman just has comic covers and a few lame costumes it doesnt even have higher difficulties
I rented this game. I must really suck, because I found the game to be frustratingly hard. Like when chasing bad guys, I felt like I was hot on their tale, but I get a game over and it says they got away... wtf.

I finally got frustrated enough to shut the system off mid-game in the Venom vs. Beetle fight. He traps you in a force-field for the 2nd half of the boss fight and then waves this laser thing at you back and forth without stopping, FROM THE OUTSIDE OF THE FUCKING FORCE FIELD. You can't do shit but jump up and down like a moron, hoping to play a deadly game of jump rope. Fuck this game. I give up.
when i fought beetle i just kept whipping him from afar. the only boss the really annoyed me was electro because it took me a while to figure out you dont have to throw cars at the signs to break them.

did you enjoy the stage when venom is running away from S.H.I.E.L.D. i thought that was pretty cool
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