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Full Version: Quake 4
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With a Clan that was built off of this game, i would hope there would be a good chunk of you in here! I picked it up today, the graphics are amazing! The story is decent so far (but everytime it never fails that you're some legendary war machine in FPS' these days.)

But yah, I am enjoying it much!
Awesome...i read a few review saying the single player is better then online,which is quite a change since quake III,which was online only.Well they say it's nothing new just improved everything which i guess isnt bad.

Keep us posted on how long the single player is and all...i decided to get F.E.A.R. instead of this but i might grab it for the XBox 360 next month...give us a review once you played a lot of the single player,with no spoilers of course hehe.. teleport.gif
Oddies da Nerfed
Q4 kicks ass, but is short. Id say for your average fps player 10 hours or so single player. Uses D3 engine with some tweaks and a lil more color. Lot of sounds for weapons are from D3 as well, including the rather pathetic machinegun sound. Weapons in and of themselves are pretty nice, even the nailgun is fun. No settings for independant audio like louder voices etc suck. Most times you cant hear what the marines are saying so you turn up speakers, then promptly go def due to a gun fight.

Get to play in vehicles/turrets and some fun outdoor stuff. Good action, lots of shooting stuff and being shot at. Ai did pretty well for dodging slower weapons and ducking behind cover.

Overall a good game, if a bit short and unpolished in a few areas. Id put FEAR as better in some things while Q4 better in others.
I picked it up today as well. This is good shit. I finally get to use my computer to it's full potential!
If you two are ever down for some Online action, lemme know! Screen name is in my profile, otherwise theres always personal messages! beigesmile.gif

Perhaps ventrillo to if you guys have a server.
I would probably get this game were it not for the fact that my HD is dying, and I cannot install anything on it at this time. I have been anticipating Q4 for a while now but for the moment it looks like I will have to sit this one out. Frag some mofos for me though. guns.gif
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