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Full Version: Ogla's words
Apocalypse Tribe HQ > Headquarters > The Lounge
Has anyone figured out what Ogla is saying during before the battle.

I took a sample, it is below.

I have tryed reversing it too, but seems to make no sense.

Maybe it is in JP?
If I reverse it (play it backwards) I can seem to make out the word evolution.

Here is a reversed version:
Hmm I can't make out what he is saying forwards or backwards. This is an interesting experiment though, I never thought about it. I love the doppler sound effect when he flies across the screen in the cinema before he attacks, it's one of the coolest sounds in the game.
Here is a more complete clip that I took. I extracted the voice on the first one. This one has the opening sequence and effects in it as well.
After listening to it more I think I can make out something like:

I stand on evolution

This is when I play it reversed.
Hmmm... yeah it does sound like something about evolution. Very interesting indeed...
I actually used to think it sounded a little like he was saying "You cannot defeat me" but the "me" doesn't sound right. (during the part where he flies down and poses all dramatic and stuff)
Hmm Im thinking maybe this is in latin. Many elements in this game are sorta latin based, like meseta and el rappy beigelaugh.gif I don't know I think maybe we all have been listening to too much Ozzy Ozbourne music lol.
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