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Full Version: Castlevania: Curse of Darkness
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So far not too bad. Nice visuals, cool characters, not far enough into the story telling thing to give you info on that. Part of me feels like i'm doing the pokemon thing, yes thats right, the pokemon thing. You have familiars that travel with you, and when you kill enemies, they drop evo crystals. The crystals (depending on which ones you get) change the monster into something different. I only have to as of now, but having fun with what the game has to offer so far.

Yup its a great game I'm doing the review for, I'm giving it a 8, due to some of the minor repetiveness of non boss monsters and the lack of multi level rooms as there were in Lament of Innocence, man whip jumping was cool.

Also the familiars or innocent Devils in Curse of Darkness have many abilities that you'll need to gain access to hidden areas. Some also are plain right cool such As Corpsey, a war type. Also the game features the leveling system from the gameboy and ds games.

As for how far I'm I made it to the first area of Castlevania itself, ya don't actually go there intill far into the game. The first area of the game a castle, said to be the one from Castlevania 3(NES), Also this game does take place a few years after said game. So Trevor Belmont does make many an appearence, but no Alucard due to him going asleep after Dracula was killed in Castlevania 3.

I actually unlocked corpsey, hes my favorite as of now. I also unlocked Iytei and liquid golem. Liquid golem is really cool, but i'm no fan of iytei, is a big bear beigebigrazz.gif

I'm slowly enjoying this game more and more as i get further into it, plus i really like the charactor hector, he has a very cool look. Not to mention, the fact that you can use multiple weapons brings this game to the point that they're almost to the point of making a great 3d castlevania. So this isn't great yet, but we'll see. (I love the roll move, but it makes every monster/boss die hard easy. i beat a wyvern boss without getting hit)
I'll probably get it for xmas alongside DQ8.
The demo for the XBox version was weird looking graphically but i thought the game had potential...glad to see you guys like it,i may at least rent it now to check more of it out.
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