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Full Version: FMO? O RLY?
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Out of curiosity, did anyone else get an invitation to the Front Mission Online alpha test? The first I hear about an MMORPG version of Front Mission is this. Anyone wanna shed some light on this game?
None for me... first time i hear of a Front Mission MMO also... i think it's out in Japan's the cover:

user posted image

French site i got this from rated the game 7.5 .....since you got an alpha offer maybe they plan to bring this over here after all...
That would be cool considering we never got the first two or Gun Hazard or Alternative. I haven't played #2 or Alternative, but the first one was great stuff. And if you've played Cybernator on the SNES, you'll have a very good idea of what Gun Hazard's like.
The FMO mmo has been in the works for some time, like FFXI it will use Play Online as a portal and be required to play and no doubt, will have servers that are constantly attacked
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