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Buy it now!
Sold for: US $139,900.00

All I can say is:

God damn people.....
You'll notice that the product was won by someone with ZERO feedback, meaning they won't pay. Also, 3 people bid insane amounts of money, but then quickly retracted. I guess they were just having a little fun with this guy.

Why pay 139k for an xbox when you can buy a house or a luxury car for the same amount? You could literally buy a small retail store for that amount of money.
My only regret is I didn't preorder a few of said system and put them on eBay. The folks that do this and actually get the money are geniuses. The only thing is that 99% of the bids one would get are fake.
anyone realize that shortly after this auction would end eBay would collect on their fees which would've amounted to something around $2200.
I'm guessing this is a joke, it'll likely go through their fraud department, and probably end with both persons account being suspended.
It's a Core System, nobody wants that retard pack anyways! crash.gif
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