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Full Version: Valkyrie Profile 2?
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Tri-Ace is going to unveil a New RPG at Jump Festa with Square Enix's lineup in a few Days and this small scan has showed up today:

It isn't confirmed but sure as hell looks like it.

if this ends up being VP2 i will have a spontanious orgasm :o

edit:put the image on my own space
I sure hope it's true. VP was a great game and I've always wanted to see another.
and its official


user posted image
Vitamin D
That's tight as hell. I loved Valkyrie Profile, and I can't wait to try out this sequel. toast.gif
You know what that means everyone?

if this ends up being VP2 i will have a spontanious orgasm - Alisha

and its official - Alisha

And she shared it with all of us ;)
Some more VP news for j00!

Valkerie Profile: Lenneth
A remake of the classic PSX RPG for PSP.

Sweeeeeeeeeeeeeet! Finally, a real reason to get a PSP... well thats if the game comes stateside.
Since I now have a PSP, I'll definitely pick up Lenneth.
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