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Here ya go, I've yet to see it yet do to this pos work computer running win 98 and not being able run quicktime 7
While Kelsey Grammer's voice would seem to fit Beast's persona pretty well, I'm alittle skeptical of how he'll actually portray the character.
He better say "oh my stars and garters" at least once
Kinda mix feelings. The X-men movies have been done well on screen but I hate the way they alter the story from the comics I remember reading. At least the animated series where somewhat close although not the same. Most likely Im still gonna go see it and probably be left with a "It was a pretty good movie." feeling.
I loved the first 2 as well but i have a feeling this one will be the best...i mean the Beast looks awesome and was always one of my favorites and that quick Angel shot looked great as well...2 of the early,great X-men's right there.
Dark phoenix, that's all i'm going to say.
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