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Full Version: Tom Nook says...
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Just Got Animal Crossing Wild World yesterday. Some new chick moved into my town while I was asleep and I just finished all of Tom's errands today and now I'm doing some designing and a some fishing trying to pay off my mortgage. Haven't messed around with online or obtained my friend code yet. Anyone else on this?
Didn't know it was released yet. But you can bet i will be!
You know I got it like an hour after it was in the stores. beigelaugh.gif

I have already caught several new fish! I saw my first insect... I fell into a hole... I have written a letter and sent a gift... bought a couch... shook some trees... life is good.

I'll post my code very soon.
Dammit, I gotta figure out a way to get this game asap. sonicrun.gif
bleh much like the sims animal crossing bores me beigeroll.gif
My friend code is


I recently fell into a hole as well and I've been flirting with this owl chick in the observatory. "R U 4 SEXES CHAT??????? OKAY BIBUY!!!" Made a few constellations, (Drew a house beigelaugh.gif ) and started digging up somre fossils. I got ganked by some bees after shaking some trees but found some nice lewts. (O'-')> Its so addicting.

Yeah, this game isn't for everyone and I wouldn't recommend it to everyone like i would say, Mario Kart DS or Castlevania DS. Its a totally niche title and apperantly, its a big niche since it seems to be selling quite good.

I'm wondering does everyone have the same villager when they start a game? I got a Penguin name Gwen, a Duck named Bill, and a Fox named Chief. Oh and last night an Anteater named Anabelle moved into my town she is still unpacking though so we haven't had time to bond much.
*Edit - lmao

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