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Sweat drips down the side of my head as me and the prosecuting attorney lock our stares on each other, like two dogs challenging each other. I then begin my cross examination by having the witness repeat her testimony. “THERE IT IS!” I say to myself. I immediately go into my suitcase and begin frantically searching for the light that will reveal the truth in this dark courtroom. “OBJECTION! Your honor, this piece of evidence clearly contradicts what the witness is saying.” Then like thunder on a cool night in the savannas, the Prosecution explodes with, an “OBJECTION! This line of questioning has no relevance on the case, the defendant is doing nothing but wasting valuable time” He knows that I’m on to something and is trying to prevent me from revealing it, now I just have to convince the judge to allow this. What should I do next? ewj1hy.gif

The game is Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney, in the following paragraphs I shall prove that not only is this a good game for anyone but it is also definitely worth the money. But before we get into that I shall give a synopsis on the game. First and foremost the concept. Take a TV court drama show and make it into a show. Simple as that. The story, obviously you assume the role of a Mr. Phoenix Wright, a young attorney fresh out of law school and burning with a passion for justice. The story would be described as the son if, TV shows, “Law and Order” and, “Harvey Birdman: Attorney at Law” married and had a child. These are definitely adult situations but, they are presented in a comical style. Lots of humorous moments both inside and outside the court. teleport.gif

The graphics are presented in a pretty contemporary anime style. Dramatic facial expression and speed lines and eye locking gazes during cross examinations and the discovery of contradictory evidence are great in helping one immerse themselves in the story. I often got an incredible joy from watching the witness squirm and scowl after they are caught in a lie. The music also helps add to the emotion of each case. Dramatic music when crucial evidence is demanded, or if this case looks to be loss. Surmounting music when you’ve found a contradiction and beginning to take the lead in court. The game recognizes speech, so when keywords are screamed into the mike it helps to add into the immersion of the title. “TAKE THAT!”, when you’ve found the evidence that proves your claims, “OBJECTION” when you think the witness’s testimony contradicts evidence, and “HOLD IT!” when a witness/suspect has a bulletproof alibi/testimony and your questioning their reasons. Don’t think though that these flashy court antics go without penalty. Failed logic an unsubstantial claims could lead you to being in contempt of court, and losing the case., A.K.A. Game Over. Your health so to say, is expressed in 5 exclamation outburst on the top corner of the main display screen. Each mistake made in court causes a loss of an exclamation point and as stated before 5 mistakes, and its game over. skullcross.gif

But the game does not just consist of court arguing and dramatic desk smacking, for a change of pace there are investigative phases. These are used to help explain the story behind each case and gather evidence. Some of the evidence acquired is not always useful and just serves to act as a distraction in court by misleading the player into thinking it would be something of use and causing them to make mistakes. At times though I found the Investigate phase very tedious, having to go back and forth between areas to activate actions that would lead me to the next action that would eventually finally lead me to finally deciding we are ready to go to court. Although at times playing this part of the game can be bothersome, it also plays its role. Paying attention to details at crime scenes and what not helps in finding weakness in a witness or suspects testimony. It also helps to build the players dislike for the suspected criminal, so that when in court you have just shredded the suspect/witnesses testimony to shreds it makes the scowls in their face that more enjoyable.crushinated.gif

When I went and purchased the game, a few of the guys that worked there said the game wasn’t that great etc, and that I shouldn’t buy it. Also another complaint put against this game is that it is short. About 5 chapters. I estimate that play time for this game at worst would be 10 hours. At worst meaning you are super smart and can figure out everything in the game quickly. However, I think that would be a very difficult thing to do since the puzzles of this game are quite difficult often giving me a headache as I desperately reviewed fact and compared with testimonies. Although sometimes once a lie is found and you put yourself in the role see through one lie, it becomes easier to find through other lies of the same suspect and adds to the momentum and pace of the game. Also some might say that since this game is short it would be a bad game but I would like to put this in the air for thought. DVD now a days cost like what, an average 20-25 dollars? The more expensive and usually the ones that receive less publicity are like 30 dollars. Of course there are plenty of people who will buy them too if they are familiar with the content on it. But lets face it, once you’ve seen it once there is no need to see it again. Maybe you’ll order out some day and watch it with your girlfriend or whatever but other then that there no good reason to see it again other then the fact that you enjoyed it, and wanted to see it again. The same with Phoenix Wright, it is a very enjoyable game and at a price of 30 Dollars I would say its worth it. If you find it used It would most likely be way cheaper, used stuff brought from stores is usually almost as good as buying it new.attention.gif

As I think back to this game and all of the elements in it, I would compare it to, “Shadow of the Colossus.” The investigate parts could be viewed as the horse riding parts, and the Colossi fights could be viewed as the court hearings. Ether way they are both great games and I would recommend that at least in some time in the future, that they both be played by their respective system owners.

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When I went and purchased the game, a few of the guys that worked there said the game wasn’t that great etc, and that I shouldn’t buy it.

Please give me all the information you have on these people so that i may punch them in the face. I agree with AC9 100% it's a very good game. elements of just about everything: excitement, suspense, humor, and shock! It's not all that short either, some cases can take up to a few hours to complete! Easily one of the must have games for the DS.
This game always caught my attention on the shelves, and I'm getting a DS for X-mas so I'll definetly pick it up to live out all my Harvey Birdman fantasies beigelaugh.gif


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