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Full Version: did you ever
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did you ever look at old posts and perhaps laugh at the way we used to talk or notice how much you've changed

some quotes i found funny :D

Crushinator:Yeah, this quest is the boss dog of exp. I predict Shiho will be level 200 by Thrusday.

AC9breaker:I got me a purple ring Weee! go me!

Now what I wanna do is get some Assteras 8 players and get the Dragon control abilitie so as to own them hahah

Me:eh i dont think ivi will be there hes a weak quitter :o only me and crush are hardcore(LOL i cant believe i was ever so brazen! im so afraid of offending someone now LOL)

looking back we sound like kids in a candy store. makes me wonder what happened? maybee we just got older
Yeah, I have noticed that...

Don't worry, it'll be back come PSU.
Haha, that is classic. It seems like it was so long ago now; fleeting memories of a youth long gone. cry2.gif

I certainly hope that PSU will revive those days.

Alisha, we will have to reforge our old team and take PSU back for the black (wo)man beigelaugh.gif
haha indeed unfortunately we may be lacking woe how ironic is that light of my earlier comment
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