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Full Version: New Christmas Games?
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Hey fellow AT'ers!
Anyone get any new games from the Santa-man?
I got Half Life 2 (Xbox) which I really like. I have read a couple of reviews where they said that the loading screens are too frequent and intrusive. There are many load screens, but they come up in obvious places and only last 10 - 15 seconds. I don't find that they get in the way at all. The game rocks. I bought myself, with Christmas money so I think it counts, Trace Memory (DS). I thought that I had read some reviews that had me thinking that this game was giong to be kinf of Resident Evil'ish except without the zombies. I guess, in a way, it is. but there are NO monsters or anything to fight at all! It's like an RE game, but for 7 year olds. It's all puzzles. I have only played about 2 or so hours though so maybe it picks up, but I don't see it happening. Oh well, it's still kind of fun. Kind of. I also picked up Silent Hill 3 (again with x-mas money)and I'm on the lookout for SH1.
My woman got me Dragon Quest VIII.
I got Mario Kart DS, but I still to order the wireless usb adaptor from Nintendo
Not too many AAA list titles out this winter. Kinda sucky, because there are usually tons of games to pick up.

I got Dragon Quest 8 recently. It's certainly well refined and is a quality console rpg.
SSX on tour GC
Viewtiful Joe red hot rumble GC
Super Mario Strikers GC
X-men Legends II GC
Shadow of the Collosus PS2
Fire Emblem GBA
I got a blue NintendooDS with Castlevania DS and Mario Kart, and then I subsequently picked up Advance Wars DS on my own last week.

I love DS. buttrock.gif

I also bought a metric shit-ton of cheap games from last year at the Media Play closeout sale.
wtfm8? People got Mario Kart and no one is posting their friend codes? cry2.gif

I would love to race you guys then get furiously pissed off at racking up another loss becuase my flimsy internet connection.

I ended up picking up Kingdom Hearts in anticipation for KH2. For 20 bucks real good buy.
QUOTE (AC9breaker @ Jan 7 2006, 12:42 PM)
I ended up picking up Kingdom Hearts in anticipation for KH2. For 20 bucks real good buy.

and for that i commend you.
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