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Full Version: A moment of stupidity!
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Twas the night before Christmas and all through the ghetto, not a gunshot was heard not even a tech! I sat in my PC chair browsing the Newegg website while thoughts of video cards and PSU for my PC danced in my head. All of a sudden who do I see on AIM? None other but Dj Donkey and Sgt Retehi. I open a chat room and boast on what I plan to purchase for my PC. Donkey then informs me that the videocard I wanted may not fit my port slots. I told him that I would have access to a digital camera later that night and would pop open my PC and take pics and show it to them.

I log off and get ready to go to a party later in the evening. With lots of time left before the festivities would begin I decided I would open up my PC and take a peek around. Inside I was like a toddler at a toy store. Touching everything and messing around. Surprised at the big fan in my PC I decided I would take it off just to see what my procescessor chip looked like. Anyway, wahetever, I put everything back the way it was and logged back on. At that moment I thought I smelled something, but I payed it no mind. I then inform donkey of my doing, promptong him to warn me that perhaps what I did wasn't a good idea. I then immedieatly became paranoid. Thinking maybe I put the fan back on wrong I would somehow cause my PC to explode or melt. Then all of a sudden that strange smell lurked once again around my nose. In my mind it was the smell of burning plastic computer equipment. But In actuallity it was Vic's Vapor Rub
user posted image

Scared that I would lose my PC, I immediatly reached to shut off my PC by pushing the power button. 2 seconds passed and it wasn't going off fast enough. This called for drastic measures, for my PC was at stake! So I went for the powercord.

user posted image

I then opened up my PC again to see what the damage was...
But I surely smelled the smell which caused me to take drastic actions. I then looked around the house, and It turned out my Grandmother had rubbed some Vics Vapor Rub on my neices chest. Relieved that my PC was safe, I laughed at my paranoid actions and went back on to convey the humerous story to Donkey and Sgt Retehi.

But low and behold a new problem showed up. I couldn't access any of the 4 days worth of music I had ripped in my PC. Cosulting with Donkey and Sgt on what actions I should take I decided to restart my computer. Thinking maybe I fucked up something with the harddrive of my PC by pulling the plug so hastily I was thinking what I could do to fix it.Then I noticed the option "F10 For System Recovery" I figure hey maybe I can fix whatever happened to my PC with that. I pressed it and ignored all the text and just began performing a system recovery......

All I can say is cry2.gif

I totally fucked up my computer, Lost every program I installed on my PC all my configurations and what was worth I was getting alot of random errors and couldn't operate many programs. In the end Thank fully I had made Recovery Discs a long time ago So I was able to restore my PC back to working order and I ended up reformatting my PC.

Some final images of the stupidity of that night.

user posted image

user posted image

PS. Oh yeah Donkey was right, the video Card I wanted wouldn't fit in my PC. beigerolleyes.gif

Some highlights:

[24 Dec 05 20:00] donkey504: poond
[24 Dec 05 20:00] Sgt Retehi: AC pwned his PC
[24 Dec 05 20:00] AC9Galka: I thought the smell was my motherboard frying
[24 Dec 05 20:00] AC9Galka: haha
[24 Dec 05 20:00] Sgt Retehi: hahaha
[24 Dec 05 20:00] AC9Galka: I got scared as fuck
[24 Dec 05 20:00] Sgt Retehi: you probably just farted
[24 Dec 05 20:00] AC9Galka: and unplugged my pc
[24 Dec 05 20:00] AC9Galka: nah, It was Vics Vapor Rub
[24 Dec 05 20:00] AC9Galka: haha

[24 Dec 05 20:07] AC9Galka: Error intializing database !!! :(
[24 Dec 05 20:07] AC9Galka: Thats what I get for winamp
[24 Dec 05 20:07] donkey504: i don't think thats a processor problem
[24 Dec 05 20:08] AC9Galka: fu
[24 Dec 05 20:08] Sgt Retehi: lmfao
[24 Dec 05 20:08] AC9Galka: No its not
[24 Dec 05 20:08] AC9Galka: I must have fucked it up when I turned off my pc without closing everything
[24 Dec 05 20:08] donkey504: =\
[24 Dec 05 20:08] AC9Galka: I was streaming too
[24 Dec 05 20:08] Sgt Retehi: donk killed AC's PC
[24 Dec 05 20:08] donkey504: windows supposed to close it for you
[24 Dec 05 20:08] Sgt Retehi: lawsuit
[24 Dec 05 20:08] AC9Galka: I unplugged the power
[24 Dec 05 20:09] Sgt Retehi: you stupidass
[24 Dec 05 20:09] Sgt Retehi: SHUT DOWN
[24 Dec 05 20:09] Sgt Retehi: NOT PULL THE PLUG
[24 Dec 05 20:09] donkey504: LOL

user posted image

[24 Dec 05 20:12] > AC9Galka has left

[24 Dec 05 20:17] Sgt Retehi: maybe his PC died
[24 Dec 05 20:18] Sgt Retehi: and as we speak he's driving to your place to find you
[24 Dec 05 20:18] donkey504: haha
[24 Dec 05 20:19] Sgt Retehi: hahaha
[24 Dec 05 20:19] Sgt Retehi: ytmnd
[24 Dec 05 20:20] donkey504: i bet breaker will come back like
[24 Dec 05 20:20] donkey504: "i'm on my old computer"
[24 Dec 05 20:20] Sgt Retehi: LOL
[24 Dec 05 20:21] Sgt Retehi: he IS taking forever

[24 Dec 05 21:31] AC9Galka: but this is bullshit
[24 Dec 05 21:31] Sgt Retehi: I wanna see your defrag report about now
[24 Dec 05 21:31] AC9Galka: who the fuck wants this
[24 Dec 05 21:31] Sgt Retehi: haha
[24 Dec 05 21:31] AC9Galka: Microsoft Dancer! LE
[24 Dec 05 21:31] Sgt Retehi: wtf is that
[24 Dec 05 21:31] donkey504: google it
[24 Dec 05 21:31] AC9Galka: Its some stupid bullshit icon
[24 Dec 05 21:31] AC9Galka: That comes up on your desktop
[24 Dec 05 21:31] AC9Galka: and dances to wahtever type of music your playing
[24 Dec 05 21:31] Sgt Retehi: :/
[24 Dec 05 21:31] AC9Galka: Its fucking retarded +1
[24 Dec 05 21:32] Sgt Retehi: do a defrag report
[24 Dec 05 21:32] AC9Galka: how?
[24 Dec 05 21:32] Sgt Retehi: you never defragged? >_>
[24 Dec 05 21:32] AC9Galka: nope
[24 Dec 05 21:32] AC9Galka: dood
[24 Dec 05 21:33] Sgt Retehi: lol. .
[24 Dec 05 21:33] Sgt Retehi: damn
Ouch, I feel your pain.
Dude its a tragic comedy. Those pictures are fucking awesome. The look on your face smelling "burning plastic". Priceless.
Yeah, its like what Bender said from Futurama. "Comedy is a dead art form, now tragedy, Haha, thats comedy!"
For MS paints, those are pretty good pics. >_>

"Oh shit speed lines!" beigelaugh.gif

Hey I have some highlights to!

AC9Galka: lmao, out of all my music, guess what manage to survive?
AC9Galka: All my 50 cent shit
Sgt Retehi: ewwwwwwww
Sgt Retehi: hahahaha
AC9Galka: haha
Sgt Retehi: wtf is up with your font
AC9Galka: its different
AC9Galka: Hmm
AC9Galka: Lemme change it
Sgt Retehi: it's huge
Sgt Retehi: haha
AC9Galka: haha

Sgt Retehi: like I said
Sgt Retehi: a reformat sounds like a better solution
AC9Galka: Fucking vics Vapor rub
Sgt Retehi: sue them
AC9Galka: Man, at least
Sgt Retehi: haha

AC9Galka: pg
Sgt Retehi: EWWWWW
Sgt Retehi: them some nasty red blotches
AC9Galka: the blue ones scare me the most
Sgt Retehi: those are regular program files
Sgt Retehi: lol
Sgt Retehi: blue is good
Sgt Retehi: Red is pure evil
AC9Galka: contagius
Sgt Retehi: no no
Sgt Retehi: Contiguous
AC9Galka: oh haha

AC9Galka: when I first bought my computer I spent like half an hour unistalling shit
AC9Galka: This shit came with a bunch of bullshit
AC9Galka: MSN
AC9Galka: AOL
Sgt Retehi: haha
AC9Galka: Fucking stupid games
Sgt Retehi: "try encarta online free!"
AC9Galka: Some stupid dancing shit
donkey504: haha

I dunno, I just like all the cursing in the last one. beigelaugh.gif
Yuck, no music except 50 Cent? I believe that, and folding socks forever, would be my personal hell.
Return of AIM quotes!
I've got a really bad cold, maybe some melting proccessor will make my sinus clear up.
Vitamin D
Nigga stole my bike. >_>
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