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Full Version: japaneese psp ad
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I just realized the guy has an erection in all of the images. beigelaugh.gif
I didn't even notice the guy was getting off on his PSP intill you mentioned it. If only the PSP really did that, it would sell more... err... wait a minute, you can download pictures and videos on it, right?
Yeah, you can. Very tittilating.
#1 is honestly the most suggestive.

Even then, they coulda made that one far worse. >_>
So it's socially acceptable to walk around with tiny boners in Japan now?

Or was it always like this, and PSP just makes it easier? beigelaugh.gif
beigelaugh.gif the phrase "tiny boners" just cracked me up.

by the way crush, that looks like you in my signature, if you can even load it.
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