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There was speculation that Metriod Prime: Hunters for the Nintendo DS would have Voice chat. It is now confirmed. Excuse me while I go change my skivvies.


February 9, 2006 - Nintendo today revealed that Metroid Prime Hunters, the Wi-Fi enabled Nintendo DS first-person shooter hitting the system on March 20th, will be the first game in the Nintendo DS library to support voice chatting over the internet.

Players will be able to chat with players via the built-in microphone on the Nintendo DS before and after a match-up. Players can converse with anyone on their friend's list established through Friend Codes by clicking on the Chat icon in the game's lobby system.

Metroid Prime Hunters will support up to four player deathmatches over Nintendo's free Wi-Fi Connection service. We'll have more on the game as we get closer to its release date.

Joy, that means online play will be a nice lagged experience
QUOTE (Knightsword @ Feb 9 2006, 06:34 PM)
Joy, that means online play will be a nice lagged experience

Not really. You can only chat before and after a match, not during. So voice chat will have no effect on gameplay. And my DS wifi experience has barely ever been laggy, as long as I was close enough to a decent signal.

Anywho... good news indeed!
Indeed, my online play has been pretty solid whenever I get a connection. But also this is first coat to the many layers of awesominity that Nintendo may be incorporating for the DS and Revolution connectivity.
Pay no attention to Knightsword.

"Hey! I found a $100 bill! Oh wait, it's wrinkled. Oh well."

Nintendo is doing something awesome! Voice chat with the DS is going to rock. Not to mention the game itself is going to rock X2.
To get some of the imagination juics for people around here brewing let me add a few more tasty bit of information morsels. as we all know there will be without a doubt connectivity between the DS and the Nintendo Revolution how, however is not clear. But lets look at this for a minute, we know that the Revolution uses some sort of wireless interface. Our Nintendo DS also supports some wireless features. So what if there was a game that used the Nintendo DS as a controller for the game?

Allow me to present this patent for a new voice recognition feature for the DS.

US patent office and trademark office.

Now let your imagination juices flow. Oh and remember, Nintendo is due to release a headset sometime in Spring.

FIG. 1 schematically shows an example non-limiting illustrative implementation of a multi-player gaming system 10. In the example implementation shown, video game player 12(1) plays a video game against another video game player 12(2) (any number of players can be involved). Video game players 12(1) and 12(2) may be remotely located, with communications being provide between them via a network 14 such as the Internet or any other signal path capable of carrying game play data or other signals. In the example system 10 shown, each game player 12 has available to him or her electronic video game playing equipment 16. In the example shown, video game playing equipment 16 may comprise for example a home video game platform such as a NINTENDO GAMECUBE system connected to a handheld game controller 18 and a display device 20 such as a home color television set. In other examples, game playing equipment 16 could comprise a handheld networked video game platform such as a NINTENDO DS or GAMEBOY ADVANCE, a personal computer including a monitor and appropriate input device(s), a cellular telephone, a personal digital assistant, or any other electronic or other appliance.
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