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Full Version: new monster hunter 2 trailer
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ahhh so sweet
Sweeeeet. I'm lookin forward to this one since I missed out on the first run. sniperer.gif
Looks so sick. Cant. fucking. wait.
Do you have to pay to play this online?
nope, there's an offline mode. beigesmile.gif
i think the first one was free online but i dont know about part 2
In the states it was free, but not Japan. I hope they have an improved chat system with this one. I only got up to about HR5 online on the first one, and never made it past that one pink bird wyvern offline.
Vitamin D
Wow... I can't wait to dive back into MH again haha. This game looks so tight. levelup.png
MMMMmmmmm looks tasty
Any idea when this comes out? It would be cool to play it before PSU comes out, assuming I have time.
Apperantly sometime this fall or Winter, Later then PSU.
QUOTE (DarkEpyon @ Feb 11 2006, 10:24 AM)
I hope they have an improved chat system with this one.

I'm with you here. I really hope they put some work into the chat system. The lack of some way to contact people while they were on a mission was quite annoying.

Anyhow, that trailer looked pretty sweet. I really had a good time on the first Monster Hunter, so I'll probably be on this one for sure.

I know you guys haven't hear from me in a long time but I can't wait for this to come out aswell. Hope so use the same character name that i had before or my FFXI name. Panax or Shalafi shades.gif
omg it's mr. 9 posts man! welcome to the forums for the 9th time. O.o
Well not everyone is a posting whore like you Wiryu, oh and it feels good making my first double digit post insulting you spinning.gif levelup.png buttrock.gif
i'll add one too my triple digits by suck! OH!

totally owned..... ;)

huh?! megaman-run.gif
Sweets! Its Shal. I don't know about you guys but Im totally getting some cravings for some "pl8" runs! beigelaugh.gif

I've been trying to find more info on the game. Seems like It came out this month in Japan, However I am unable to find a 100% sure US release date. Every other site has different dates or no date at all.Anyway, here is the Official JP Website with All the Monster Hunter Trailers. Including the in game Opening Movie in its entirety.

Monwah Dos Trailers.
(You gotta do a bit of guess clicking. Once the site loads up click the first Flash oval menu on the top then click the 4th one for the trailers.)
(oops Just click on the one thats flashing and says New!)
Some of the new weapons in action.

Hunting Horn


I'm probably going to play the crap out of this game.
OMG i just watched every movie i could find. I'm even more excited about than i was before. That Gunlance was badass.
Man the Hunting horns and Bows are crazy!

I say we all get on Monster Hunter this weekend and bag us a wyvern. guns.gif
I'm down ;)
Sure I'm up for it just tell me a time.
Holy crap this game is gonna be crazy! Optic camoflouge Wyverns! beigebigeek.gif

I say we get on this Saturday like 9PM ish. Est

Also, as for the release date. All signs seem to point to late August early September.

Edit: its also been confirmed that there is online pvp and offline Lao Shan Lung
oh my god.......i want it now!!
Sorry break for not making it on MH this weekend somethign came up. But if you want to play someother time i'm up for it.
No prob, I've been having fun playing the game anyway. I'll probably play again next weekend if you guys are up for it.
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