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Full Version: i love you capcom
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street fighter alpha anthology for ps2
powerstone collection D: for psp
Wake me up when they make a new Demon's Crest. beigesleep.gif

I already HAVE these games, and I bet you do too. beigelaugh.gif

Unless they put online play in Powerstone. That would be the cat's pajamas. luna.gif
if they put online play in powerstone i will cry tears of joy guitarist.gif
I wanna see a VS or different universe anthology like Marvel Super Heroes, or SNK vs Capcom, or Marvel VS Capcom.

I still think Marvel Super Heros and SNK vs Capcom (the first one) where the best.
Vitamin D
Well it's definitely true that I do own all those games haha, but Capcom always takes my money >_>. Betcha it'll be just 30 bucks anyway so, I'mma have a copy haha. And if I had a PSP I'd definitely hit up some Power Stone, but i don't so uh... levelup.png
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