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Full Version: pokemon trozei!
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Ok. We all know that the Pokemon jugernaut is an amazing machine. And that if you really think about it, it's a pretty @#$%ed up concept. Animals kept in slavery to fight to the death for human enjoyment. Hrm... But, I just got an email about the new Pokemon DS game and I have to say that it was really fun. So much fun that I might go and purchase it this afternoon!
It's basically a Tetris rip-off but they put in some fun little twists and things to spice it up. Plus, it's tiny, little Pokemon head! So, the cuteness factor is quite high. There was a 2-Player Battle Mode, but I don't know if it was just head to head or wireless battling.

Anyone else seen it?
Actually, I have played it and tt's pretty addictive. Its like a combination of Meteos and Tetris. It's a real solid and fun game. Although personally I would recommend waiting for the new Tetris due the 20th of this month. It seems to offer much more content and is also WiFi enabled unlike Trozei. There are also several modes of play. I'm not sure on the specifics though. Unless your a fan of the Pokemon franchise, I would hold out for Tetris DS.
All I know about this game is that the commercial drives me bonkers, and it looks like a knock-off of Yoshi's Cookie. bash.gif It looks like a real waste of the DS's capabilities, definetly not something they should charge full price for.
hahaha... Dude, the list of Tetris copy game would break this board!
What I like about it is that, if I have 10 minutes to kill, I can pop in, play a few rounds and turn it off without having to worry about if I saved or if I found the damn <insert unrelated object> in order to unlock the door which leads me to the <insert another unrelated object> which allows me to .... ARG!!! hahahaha...

You want to push the capabilites of the DS, wait for the newest Metroid game. If they can pull that off, it might just melt the machine.

ps: and don't tell me that Animal Crossing doesn't push the DS. all that letter writting and fish catching and clothes designing... hahaha
Actually I think becuase its on the DS it will sell well. I can't see this game selling on any other system becuase it wouldn't be as fun as it is for the DS thanks to the touch screen. It can get pretty intense trying to go for high combo's, it has a twitch based element like Trauma Center. In fact most puzzle games for the DS seem great becuase of the touch screen element. I would probably get this game if it weren't for the fact that I already have too many games that I play for my DS. Between Animal Crossing, Resident Evil, and soon to own Metriod I'm spreading myself out too thin.

Oh yeah, and Metriod is gonna make use of 150% of the DS's capabilities guns.gif
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