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Full Version: Anyone currently playing PSO BB?
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Forever Zero
Hi. Does anyone remember me? lol. << It's been a while. I got bored/tired/frusterated/etc with FF XI and finally canceled it after 2 years. I recently started playing PSO BB and was wondering if anyone here still plays. The only person I know online is Steve II. I'll prolly be playing PSO BB until PSU comes out.

I also tried playing on that free server too for GC. Every time I log on it tho they change their DNS address. >< Once it supports ep III tho I'll prolly be on the free server more. ninja2.gif
!!! zerp!

Haha, long time no see. I never played PSO BB and I'm not sure if people here still play PSO BB. I play on the free scthack servers, but very sparingly. Seems like they change the DNS every week. I'd gladly hop on sometime on the weekend so we can house it up or something. I think that noob fomar Alisha still plays. Not sure though beigelaugh.gif

Oh yeah, you can play PSO 3 on the free gamecube servers but its real glitchy. Me and Dj Donkey tried it and ended up summoning 8 star monsters with 1 cost on attack. Then having them killed in one hit haha.

Glad to see you back. I would ask Bri-N how everyone was. Glad to see you back, don't be a stranger!
QUOTE (AC9breaker @ Mar 26 2006, 07:44 PM)
I think that l33t fomarl Alisha still plays. Not sure though beigelaugh.gif


the free server doesnt even have tournaments >.>
Forever Zero
Haha, yeah ep 3 is so glitchy. I tried playing it and couldn't use any defense, attack, or assist cards. I wound up in a 30 minute battle vs Orland. beigebiggrin.gif Yeah, trounaments wouldn't work for me either. The game would just sorta hang and get stuck. Itd be cool to meet up with you again on it sometime. king.gif I need to dig around for the latest DNS tho lol, I currently have an outdated one seems.
cool, The only chance I get to play online though are the weekends. If your down I say we meet up this coming saturday. Legit ship area 1 block 5.
Not sure if I still have my character on PSOBB but I can hit it up again if you're up for it untitled-2.gif

EDIT: yup he's still there haha
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Forever Zero
QUOTE (AC9breaker @ Mar 26 2006, 06:39 PM)
cool, The only chance I get to play online though are the weekends.  If your down I say we meet up this coming saturday.  Legit ship  area 1 block 5.

Ok that would be cool. :D Which ship is the legit one btw? They change the names so much lol.

Donkey, which ship do you play on BB? I'm usually on the first one.
I don't really have a specific ship that I play on. We can meet up tomorrow if you want and exchange cards =)
Vitamin D
OMG hey there Zerp! Been a long while. beigebigeek.gif good to see ya. I played the BB beta, but when it was over, I stopped playing. Pretty much the story for a good number here haha. The idea of firing it up again doesn't sound too bad now haha. levelup.png
Oh lol they changed the ship names? I thought one ship was called Legit. Well, I'll figure out the DNS and ship names this Saturday then I guess and I'll post the info here.
Then I suppose you'll be interested to know about the retooled ep4 drop chart effective Thursday.
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