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Full Version: AT got haxed
Apocalypse Tribe HQ > Headquarters > Meeting Room
Dive! You sick mofo! Just typing this message is giving me a headache!

user posted image D:

Actully, first time I seen something like this anywhere. beigelaugh.gif untitled-2.gif
evil evil evil, I like it at-emote2.gif
I smell communism at work!

best interweb april fools ive seen in a while
user posted image
cant type like this... rofl, I'm so fucken confused WTF ....
Haha this is so damn weird. I had to refresh the page like 3 times before I realized it was a joke. I thought I had some whack ass spyware on my comp crash.gif

Great joke!
hahaah aw man this layout is gonna make me throw up beigelaugh.gif

Here's Gamefaq's april 1st prank
GTA Chicago joke?
Edit! World of Starcraft
ahhhh, this is so confusing beigelaugh.gif I approve!
Vitamin D
LMAO I love April 1st of every year. levelup.png
Heres Wizards of the Coast's April fools joke

Heres the you been had page
Ok i think i typed this but it didnt work or something but yeah this is confusing hehe talk about Paragdim's ;) oh and Nice Sig Vitamin D buttrock.gif
HAHAHAHA MLP RPG now that's just weird
u 2 ih ekil ftw gmo.
good god this is really fuckin with my eyes how evil guns.gif
good one....but evil
Forever Zero
lol, nice. This was the first website I went to today too. I was like OMG H4X0R
Last night I was heavy drunk. Now I see this and I swear I thought I was still drunk.
Haha, all those sites have some good tricks.

So far tho, Google is my favorite tho.

Google Romance!
untitled-2.gif WTF?
Another possible April Fools joke by our friend at Blizzard New Alliance Race
I can't take it anymore hahah, I hope you all enjoyed ATHQ's April Fools fun.

We now return you to your regularly scheduled at-emote2.gif.

edit: As a present, I reactivated the "Lab" skin. It was the very first theme ATHQ had. enjoy!
Damn, I remember this theme from the days I was browsing the place on my dreamcast. Guess the black IS normal after all, hahaha.

Good deal! levelup.png

Go go gadget Gamecube icons! user posted imageuser posted imageuser posted imageuser posted imageuser posted image
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