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Full Version: AT Gaming Review 4/11/2006
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It's been a while since I made one of these topics, and I haven't conversed with a lot of you in a while. What have you been up to on the gaming front? Let's hear some details and not just replies like "WoW" or "still FFXI". Beaten a game you have had for a while? Pick up a new time waster? Acheived "teh uber" set of gear in your local MMORPG? Super Burger Time? Let's hear it.

I haven't been doing too much intense gaming but I have been enjoying Warhammer 40K: Dawn of War. I finally picked this up after it being out for a year or two. Badass game.

I have hit a wall in Guitar Hero. I am currenty stuck at the tier three songs on Hard, specifically "Killer Queen" and "Symphony of Destruction", although on Free Play I can get a nice high percentage on "Unsung". I can actually play a real guitar with some awkward proficiency but sometimes it seems like this games songs are tougher to play than on a real guitar.

What have you been playing? mario.gif
Guitar hero, and MGS3 Subsistence. I beat KH2 recently and am also now just starting the hard difficulty level on Hard mode! I suck pretty bad! ;)

I'm still playing Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory. I got pretty far into the game but then I had to reformat my harddrive so I'm starting all over again.

Starting to rigorously play C&C: Renegade again. Battlefield 2 getting too cheap for me and I still can't fly a plane.

I haven't been online lately. I think its already been a week since I had internet at my house. I'm still waiting on the modem =( No internet makes me crazy.
Nothing too much really. . . I know it's not my style, but for the first time ever I played Chrono Trigger haha. Not a bad game after all.

Then I remembered how fun some RPG's can be, so I played FF8 again (the best one, fu haters)

I'm trying to get 100% completion on San Andreas, but I can't finish the Beat the Cock Race (yeah you heard me)

Picked up on another Freedom Fighters file. . umm, Doom Troopers for SNES (played it with my friend, good stuff)

Really sporadic, but I don't have much free time for games these days. beigesleep.gif Mostly games I have laying around here, nothing new really.

The RPG's were fun tho, good times.
Vitamin D
Well outisde of FF XI haha...KH 2 mostly, I beat it, and doing some extra stuff now. Mainly getting to max level to fight Sephiroth (cause I aint trying that shit on Proud mode haha). Then doing the level 99 Tournament, and THEN playing through the game again on Proud mode to see the secret ending. I've been playing Megaman X Collection off and on too... i remember way too much stuff from the first 4 games than I thought lol. And Retehi man, Chrono Trigger is my favorite RPG, keep playing it it's tight haha. And I agree, I still dont get where the FF VIII hate comes from, It's my favorite under VI personally. But yeah, that's how I'm rolling these days. Really want PSU... like now >_> levelup.png
I've been playing Oblivion pretty damn religiously, and I'm also going through a sort of Metal-Gear-a-rama. The original MG1 and MG2 on Subsistance rock oldschool total! buttrock.gif

I'm trying to get 100% completion on San Andreas, but I can't finish the Beat the Cock Race (yeah you heard me)

This is really one of the hardest items to clear on SA. Obviously make sure your Stamina and Strength are maxed, and also make sure you have a little less than 1/4 body fat before you start, so you don't lose strength as you go through the race. Get an early lead in the swimming portion, since that is the easiest part, and remember to pace yourself on the bike. You don't need to jam on X the whole time, you can coast down hills and on straightaways. Then just hope you haven't burned out all your stamina during the running part... and don't be afraid to jack the comps by taking shortcuts across the grass, they always stick to the road.
I've forgotten about my other DS games and have been hitting up Metriod Prime Hunters regulary. I'm trying to go for 100% offline and, I finally increased my online hunters rank to 2 stars just recently. I also got to play Kaz on the weekend. Seems like everytime we play on the DS we always end up being tied. We need to get more peeps to play with us! trophy.gif

I also finally beat Marc Ecko's Getting Up: Contents Under Pressure. Its an average game at best, but I really liked it. It had alot of potential of being awesome, but is hindered by quite a few problems. I was actually surprised to see the tags of real life graffiti artists from my area in the game and I really liked the plot of the story and the characters main goal which was to start a revolution. Pretty well exectued.

I also finally got a Video card for my PC and plan on picking up F.E.A.R. and Warhammer soon . Gonna' be houseing it up with that soon. pirate.gif
Been playing Oblivion like a madwoman, but trying not to let it take over my life so I don't flunk my classes.

I also picked up the Gamecube version of PSO recently and played Forest to Falz on Ultimate mode with Zorya. What a hoot, and it made me remember how truly evil those robots in Mines can be. Vol Opt was a pushover though.
QUOTE (Zorya @ Apr 11 2006, 05:55 PM)
Been playing Oblivion like a madwoman, but trying not to let it take over my life so I don't flunk my classes.

I also picked up the Gamecube version of PSO recently and played Forest to Falz on Ultimate mode with Zorya. What a hoot, and it made me remember how truly evil those robots in Mines can be. Vol Opt was a pushover though.

PSO again, in that case take a look in this thread

As for me the only time I get an gaming is on my DS, I played metroid pinball a bit (what cheap game, even for pinball) and I played Metrod First Hunt till my left shoulder button stopped working, but since it started working again after a week I'm back to playing it and sadly I havn't been online with it yet.
Playing Oblivion as well.i'm now level 13 Redguard after about 40 hours...just closed one gate and now i would rather concentrate on exploring and discovering the rest of the lands,do some Fighters and Mage Guild quest before i join the 2 other guilds...i also got the armour for my Horse,looks cool and i dont have to be afraid of him dying if i leave him in the field while i spelunk a mine or dungeon ;)...

Replaying Half Life 2 on the's BC and they fix the framerate and it's now in full widescreen.I never finished the game on PC because a part was too damn hard but now i'm almost done on the 360..they did a fantastic job with the controls in this one to adapt it to the controller and i had forgotten how awesome this game is,great stuff.

Finished Legend of Heroes on the PSP,i was happily surprised by this simple,old style turn based RPG with a good little story,long quest and cool characters and now i'm playing Popolocrois which isn't bad as well...those are actually remakes of Playstation one games that never made it over here back then,we had things like Beyond the Beyond instead of these nice little RPG's.

And yes i'm still playing WoW and will keep on playing FFXI when it hits the 360 next week...i decided to migrate on Fenrir server with the guys from GrownUpGamers ;)
Cool thread Dive, and alot of nice responses.

Hrm... let's see... as the moment I am playing...
1. Animal Crossing Wild World - I never thought a game with nothing to do could ever be this much fun. Twice, even! It's got a, online feature but I have yet to meet up with anyone yet. I understand the reasoning behind prepopulating your "friend's list" for safety reasons, but it really shuts down any sort of community that could have been awesome. Oh well, at least there are more fish and bugs and fossils and ... beigesmile.gif
2. Replaying Doom3 - Because sometimes you just need to blast the shit outta demons, you know? I actually really like this game and have no beef at all with the (lack of) lighting. Yeah, that darkness allows for some cheap shots, but the suspense it adds more than makes up for that.
3. I was trying to go thru the Silent Hill series but other things got in the way while I was playing. I finished SH1 about two months ago. I never owned a PS1 and I only got a PS2 kinda recently so I never played the original SH1 game until now. I have played thru SH2 twice since buying it years ago. Then, I made it about 1/2 way thru SH4 but other games popped up... Then, I started on SH3 about a month ago and then the same thing happened. ha!
4. Me and some friends get together once a week or so and shoot 'em up with Star Wars Battlefront on Xbox Live. Now, THAT is friggin fun. Even though that game is years old, it's still fun as hell. Especially when the game breaks down and we start shooting each other. HA! Nothing better than shooting a rocket at your friend's feet to make him fly thru the air!
5. Resident Evil DS - Same old RE that we all know and love. I have't actually had a chance to play it very much because it seems that recently I don't have as much time to dedicate to a game that needs an hour or more at each playtime (for lack of saves reasons).

Games recently finished -
1. Half Life 2 - After all the bad press about the loading slowness, I wasn't even sure that I wanted it, but I got it for x-mas. Man, this game was awesome! I loved the atmosphere! Fun, fun!
2. Fable: Lost Chapters - The extra bits (although, not much) were alot of fun. Nothing all that different but the snowey island and it's baddies were still really cool. I did find it really weird that I took down the "bosses" fairly easily though, and I hate boss battles too!

That's all I can think of for now. I know there are a few others, but I'm working and not thinking clearly. beigesmile.gif
Mega Man: Maveric Hunter X and Mega Man: Powered Up have both been in heavy rotation. Those, Super Smash Brothers: Melee and Capcom vs. SNK 2.
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