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Full Version: Hellgate: London
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Oddies da Nerfed
Zombies? Check
Demons? Check
Guns? Damn right
Former Diablo 2 and battle net devs? Check

Not sure whos seen info on it, but Flagship, a spinoff of blizzard is creating a new RPG/FPS game. (think system shock 2). Some screenies can be scoped here.
Being a huge SS2 fan, seeing another fpsrpg worth playing finaly come along, its just, yay. The little info i got from my CGW (gota read more online later) more or less made the game sound like SS2 meets Diablo 2, including online play. The gameplay vid on 1up reinforces that, atleast in terms of the fpsrpg lots of mobs, shoot em with big guns, flaming sword, or what have you.

I am for sure looking forward to this.

The 5 min gameplay footage can be found here.
This game looks awesome, i remember reading about it like a year ago in EGM, it sounded really cool at the time, and i gotta say the trailer only confirms the cool factor this game will pack.

download the trailer!
The gameplay vid was kind of blurry but it definitely looks cool. I like how it switches to third person view for the melee weapons. It sounds to me like the game incorporates more of a co-op online setup? One thing that is missing from a lot of games like these is good co-op play. My brother and I used to co-op the entire game sometimes in Doom 1 and 2. It also sounds like there will be unique quest/missions that are available only on certain days.
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