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Full Version: The cult films you need to see
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As my Netflix list dwindles, I thought it would be fun to ask the members of the Tribe what great movies are out there, but that have a cult following as being great flicks. We could watch the movies others recommend, and have a discussion about them, if we wanted.

I'll start:

Run Lola Run. Watch it in German with English subtitles.

Donnie Darko. Watch the original version before the director's cut.

Serenity. See what all the fuss is about.
The Evil Dead triology

Evil Dead
Evil Dead 2
Army of Darkness

Edit, just about every other thing Bruce Campbell has been in too
Netflix is so neat, my uncle's wife would order movies from it all the time.

My 3 choices for anyone here would be

1. Amorres Perros - Foreign flick, its in spanish but they should have english subtitles for it. Its about how the lives of 3 individuals and how they are linked. Pretty cool, done in a Quintin Tarintino kind of way. Should be noted that its really long. Not many people know about this film though, buts its so damn good I feel they should.

2. Suicide Club - Another foreign film. When I first saw this film I didn't know what to think. But after reading some thoughts about it online then rewatching it, I totally loved it. Its a really deep movie that comments on the state of Japans commercialism. Has a lot of vague analogies and symbolism. Its also quite shocking, lots and lots of blood. I'm talking Home Depot paint buckets tons of blood. In anycase its pretty cool and the director seems to have an underground cult like following.

3. Requim for a Dream - I totally loved this movie. Its so well done and put together, but its a real downer, heh. It was directed by the same man who did the cult movie Pi. I love his scene transitions and use of editing to show the characters getting high. It was based off some book. I never read it but I've been meaning to. The book was written sometime in like the 1960's but the time period in the movie is contemporary one. Whats so cool is that just about all the characters dialogue from the book remain in the movie with very little change, and they fit the movie so well. Or at least thats what was stated in the behind the scenes features on the dvd.

lol actually, all of the movies I recommended are really cynical and a kinda sad. Might be best to just rent one during your next rent period or they're probably turn you emot-emo.gif . beigelaugh.gif
Great topic Z.

I haven't yet seen the three that breaker posted but the others are all excellent flicks. I'll recommend three as that seems to be the case.

user posted image
Primer is the best representation of time travel I've ever seen. Super smart corporate geeks inadvertantly create a time machine. I won't give any more details but prepare yourself for a mindfuck with this movie.

user posted image
Brotherhood of the Wolf combines horror, wire-fu martial arts, swashbuckling, and more! Set in 18th century france, the movie follows the investigation of a terrible monster stalking the countryside. Master naturalist/adventurer Chevalier de Fronsac and his Iroquois friend Mani encounter bloodthirsty gypsies, maniacal noblemen, and shapely french prostitutes in their quest to capture or slay the dread beast. Bonus points for starring Monica Bellucci.

user posted image
Heavy Metal is the 1981 animated film adaptation of the illustrated cult magazine of the same name. Presented in vignettes, the film faithfully brings to the screen, some of the classic stories from the early issues of the magazine. Make sure you rent the special edition dvd for inclusion of a very sinister extra segment.
Not much comes too mind right away that isn't being worshipped by 13 year olds across the country, but I recommend Dead Alive highly (AKA Braindead).

IMDb link

Probably the most gory film I seen in my life, and oddly, one of the funniest, theres just so much weird crap going on throughout the movie, it makes you wonder what posessed Peter Jackson to make it (then again, I liked him way before LotR beigerolleyes.gif )

I'd check it out for a great laugh, totally worth it, the DVD is out of print tho. D:

Oh I forgot, I say try Riki-Oh to, or Story of Ricky, I dunno, it's got a few names.

More IMDb

More pointless gore, but damn, this is a insane movie, I only got to see half of it, I'm trying to look for the movie aorund here, but I say it's worth it. Nothing beats those gruesome martial arts movies.

Trying to think of more, but these 2 will have to do for now.

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