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Full Version: 2 New Races for Dawn of War
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QUOTE( "THQ Producer Sean Dunn")
The cat is out of the bag a couple weeks early, but yes, this information is correct. Dawn of War: Dark Crusade does in fact include the Tau and the Necrons. There will be massive amounts of video and screenshots coming out of E3, and I even will try and make our entire E3 presention available in HD online somewhere. I can truly say that I have not been more excited about the new races. I have never been a huge Necron fan, but not surprisingly the designers and artists have done an incredible job on both races, and the Necrons are a sight to behold!

The 2 new races for the upcoming Dawn of War expansion were announced yesterday, the Tau and Necron. For those of us unfamiliar with the tabletop game here are links to give us a better image. (Tau) (Necron) The Necron seem like an obvious selection since, they make an appearance in the Winter Assult solo campaign. I'm really curious to see the Tau since looking at many of their units, they remind me of the Orkz. I just hope they don't have their own resource type just like Orkz. Either way, they are both gonna be badass additions. One a bunch of zombie cyborgs, the other a bunch of tribal looking aliens.

This years E3 will undoubtly be the best there has ever been.

News and quote taken from Relic website.

Kickass news, although I am surprised that Tyranids are not in the new expansion. Tau and Necron are cool but 'nids were around long before these two young upstart races.

Here is a shot of the Tyranids mod that is available though.

user posted image
Actually it seems as if there was alot of discussion on weather Tyranids where going to be in this coming expansion. But they ultimetly decided no becuase they are so badass there was no way they could do them justice on the game. I'm not kidding you, thats what one of the developers or something said, haha. But looking at some of some of the figures I agree, the 'nids would have been a much cooler additon to the game. Who knows though, maybe if more people pick up Dawn of War we may see a 4th expansion with them in it!. With 7 different race choices, the variety in strategy in this game should prove to be quite vast.

Oddies da Nerfed
This damn expansion needs to come out already, necrons ftw!
Theres been a bit of speculation that the monoliths that appears in Winter Assult will be the Necrons Super Unit. I really doubt it, my money is on them using one of their avatar like guys as a Super Unit such as C'Tan Nightbringer. Either way its going to be exciting to see what comes.

user posted image
Oddies da Nerfed
Sadly games-workshop has restricted use of "named" heros, which includes the 2 C'Tan.
Nightbring would indeed be badass, but im not sure how thq/relic is gonna pull it off. Either just having a plain C'Tan thats like nightbringer (toned down a load), or if they can get permission to use the actual named. Either way a silent marching horde of robots bent on extermination ftw!
Oddies da Nerfed
So trailer and shit for Dark Crusade showed up for pre e3. Can download trailer HERE
you will proly have to register, but do so. All i can say is fucking NIGHTBRINGER!

After watching the trailer, it's just, HOLY FUCK. If it is like it looks, this expansion will propell DoW to one of the best rts of all time.
Holy crap, how freaking awesome! Check out those Crisis Battlesuits!

Not only will Dark Crusade add two new races to the mix (for a grand total of seven), but it will also include a new open-ended strategic campaign, new hero customization options, and more. With Dark Crusade, Relic's intentions are nothing less than to produce "the greatest expansion pack ever made," according to one company rep.

Customizable hero units! Wiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii! Hopefully I can make my Big Mek go Toe to Toe with at least the Imperial Guard General. beigerolleyes.gif

Here's a link to some impressions from the new Expansion.

E3 2006 Pre-Show Impressions.


Steaming Poop
Oddies da Nerfed
Tranj over at relic forums mentiond a good chance of a 12 min footage trailer coming out in e3. Ya 12 min of DoW, necron, taun badassedness. Now if i can find the music for the current trailer.
Oddies da Nerfed
Some new infos from someone who went to E3.

-Winter Assault is not required to play Dark Crusade. If you do not own WA, you cannot play as the IG in the single player campaign or play them in multiplayer, but you can still fight them in multiplayer

Single Player:
-Single Player is basically played on a meta-gaming level. The game takes place on a planet called Kronus where the Necrons have spawned up. All of the other races in the game also have a stake on the planet. Like the board game Risk, you're shown the planet with divisions in different areas of the planet. It's all Turn-Based, but when you attack a territory or get invaded, it'll be a skirmish game where you need to either eliminate or defend against the enemy. Each side has a HQ stronghold on a piece of land, if the stronghold is taken over, that side is eliminated.

-Each area has a specific requisition value giving you points. You use those points to reinforce your territories. Reinforcing territories mean that you can order units/buildings/upgrades for that garrison on the territory. So say you order a Hammerhead Tank on your HQ and it gets invaded, you'll get a hammerhead when the battle begins.

-When attacking a territory, you can get a bonus unit that is deployed along with your army if given one.

-Each side has its own storyline and dialogue that develops as you play through the game.

-Commander Customization is single player only from what I heard from Dowdeswell. Through your battles, you earn points that you can use to upgrade your commander unit. You can upgrade hit points, add/change weapons, add abitilites. I'll double check if its single player only.

-What I noticed, they have a standard economy

-Tau troops are basically ranged units and get raped in close combat, the Kroot acts as the close ranged guys

-With the addition of meat gibs, Kroot Carnivores, a melee type, feed on the gibs of fallen units to strengthen their power.

-The Tau Commander(XV8 Crisis Battlesuit from what I remember) is a bad ass ranged death machine. It seems he can jump, and armed with shoulder-mounted missile pods, flamer, and a pulse gun from what I saw. (Single-player version is probably different).

-The Tau has a unit that can shoot and cap points while maintaining stealth(make sure you have some detectors around )

-I didn't get to see the Relic unit for Tau

-Their economy is a lot different from the others. From what Jonathan told me, when they cap points, it is to increase the speed of production of units/upgrades/construction. They seem to use only power as their resources. However I could be really wrong on this.

-Scarabs, the Necron builder is the only unit that can cap points. They build a structure on the point for an overall increase in construction and research speed.

-Downed Necron units slowly come back to life after being "killed". It's quite cute when necrons that were blown in half crawl back to their legs to come back to life.

-Necron Lord, the commander unit has mass ressurection which instantly builds all downed necron units instantly back to life. He can also transform himself into the Relic Unit, the Nightbringer, an avatar form. Lasts for about 2 minutes and when he reverts back only has 10 percent of his total health.

-The Monolith, is your HQ. However, can be upgraded to slowly surface out of the ground. When fully upgrade, your base will emerge from the ground and float. Yes, it'll be like the Monoliths at the end of Winter Assault. They move really really slow, but they can teleport. Very bad ass and powerful.

Other odds and ends:
-I asked about the future of Dawn of War. Dowdeswell's impression was that they're probably looking forward to something new. New as in Dawn of War 2. Maybe expect to hear that in the future.

That's all i have for now. I forgot to ask some questions about any new gameplay types in multiplayer. I'll be back there tomorrow anyways.
Thats pretty great that players don't need Winter Assault to play Dark Crusade but can still fight against Imperial Guard. I just wonder now if people who dont have Winter Assault will have access to the extra units such as Mega Armored Nobz, Chaplain, etc.
Oddies da Nerfed
New Dark Crusade website go!
attention.gif Holy Crap, the demo is out. It features 2.5 build Tiers and 2 missions! Play for free now!

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