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Full Version: US release: FF7 Advent Children (4/25/06)
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Yeah, it's about that time now. Finally, I must say.
April 25th is when comes, so now all the fanboys and otaku-wannabes can complain about how poorly done the voice acting will be for the American FF cast.

"omg, it's not in Japanese!!! I can understand what they are saying!11! Cloud sounds ghey! Barret sounds like Mr. T"

On a more serious note, I've been looking foward to this for awhile.
Given the previous vocal actors used in Kingdom Hearts 1 & 2 for the FF crew, I do worry somewhat about the VA. I really didn't like half the voices used for the FF casts in KH 2. Despite that, the best part is that I don't have to read anymore and can enjoy the tricked out visuals and ass-load of dollars spent to make some of the sweetest CG visuals for a movie-game.

Obligatory link to a distributor of said product:
hey dont scare meh i have it reserved at gamestop bash.gif

is it the 25th? the guy at gamestop told me the 24th....which after leaving the store i was thinking Huh?! cause movies are always released on a tuesday and 24th is monday -.- ...i was to busy holding ToAU to really think about it at the time.
Friggin Awesome, the voice cast for the english dialog was spot on, and for the record I didn't see the movie untill yesterday, so I can't compare to the original langauge edition
Well,they used some really experienced voice actors in it, so I was expecting it to have good dubbing. But the movie is mostly action and as I remembered the plot was so vague/generic they could have probably forgoed all talking and had 120 minutes of pure fighting haha. Question though, does the dvd have any special features? That to me would be the only selling point. Good special features.
Its 2 discs, disc one is the movie and audio commentary, disc two has deleted scenes, some featurettes, previews of new ffvii games, the ffvii ac trailers
Sounds pretty weak. Seems like they could have fit that on the first disc. =/
This is that story about a head in a box, and some guys that look like Hansen in tight leather, right?

Yeah, I'm going to have to opt for a life of piracy versus twenty six bucks and braving the Sephiroth fanboys/gay porn fangirls at my local gamestop. pirate.gif
QUOTE (AC9breaker @ Apr 26 2006, 06:01 AM)
Sounds pretty weak.  Seems like they could have fit that on the first disc. =/

Still better then most standard dvd releases, its not like they advertised some super duper boxed version with mini figures beigebigrazz.gif
You can always rent it...that's what i will do since i already have/seen it in a lower res but it was good enough to rent and watch in HD for sure with a better sound set-up in my living room ;)
i paid 16 at my local bestbuy, which i'm glad is all i really had to pay for it. I love the movie, but everytime Aeris talks I want to stab my foot because I don't think that voice fits aeris at all! ; ;
Here's the girl to blame for all your Aeris woes.

user posted image

They should have stuck with Mandy Moore, like in the original KH. cry2.gif

user posted image

user posted imageuser posted imageuser posted imageuser posted imageuser posted imageuser posted image
Vitamin D
Yeah Aeris' voice in KH II is horrible I didn't know it's the same used for Advent Children. I'm still curious to how the dub sounds though, so Im going to download it haha. A pirate's life for me. pirate.gif
The english cast listed in better order then that of imdb's

Steve Burton .... Cloud (voice: English version)
Rachael Leigh Cook .... Tifa Lockhart (voice: English version)
Beau Billingslea .... Barret Wallace (voice: English version)
Chris Edgerly .... Cid Highwind (voice)
Christy Carlson Romano .... Yuffie Kisaragi (voice: English version)
Steven Jay Blum .... Vincent Valentine (voice: English version)
Greg Ellis .... Cait Sith (voice: English version)
Jamieson Price .... Reeve (voice: English version)
Liam O'Brien .... Red XIII (voice: English version)

Mena Suvari .... Aeris Gainsborough (voice: English version)
Rick Gomez .... Zack (voice: English version)

Wally Wingert .... Rufus Shinra (voice: English version)
Crispin Freeman .... Rude (voice: English version)
Quinton Flynn .... Reno (voice: English version)
Bettina Busch .... Elena (voice: English version)
Ryun Yu .... Tseng (voice: English version)

Grace Rolek .... Marlene Wallace (voice: English version)
Benjamin Bryan .... Denzel (voice: English version)
Andrea Bowen .... Girl (voice: English version)

Steve Staley .... Kadaj (voice: English version)
Dave Wittenberg .... Yazoo (voice: English version)
Fred Tatasciore .... Loz (voice: English version)

George Newbern .... Sephiroth (voice: English version)
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