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Full Version: Yu Suzuki Interview: Sega Developer (Feb 2006)
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Ok, if you're a gamer and you've played console games, you should know who Yu Suzuki is. Played Outrun, Space harrier, Virtua Fighter, or Shen mue? Well, then you've experienced what he's about.

More or less, its an interview with one of the all time great jpn developers and it touches on many areas.

I found this inteview interesting, mostly because the guy is highly innovative, but discusses the current market from a business standpoint (which at times contradict, because innovative design conflicts with what is a safe sell). He brings out the key differences between the 3 next gen platforms (market positioning). He talks about western vs japanese development, citing that the japanese don't take as many risks as the US does, sticking to numerous sequels and re-use of brand names, where as it is less so with the US. It holds true, if we look at it. FF 12, Street fighter 15 million alpha edition turbo?

Anyway, it's an excellent read for the educated gamer.
In the article they talk about the return of nostalgic arcade games like Outrun and Space Harrier to the arcade scene, he goes says its more about preference. I think its more about a solid design. Those games where always fun to play but in my opinion where never easy games. I don't think I've ever remembered a time where I beat one of those games at a session there. Like I stated before, I feel the games have a great balance and solid design, thats why people return to them. The same reason why people continue to purchase Megaman or Castlevania games. The designs are quite solid.

On another note, I totally loved the original Shenmue but never got the sequal cry2.gif. I thought the game was pretty badass and I loved just about every aspect of it. I'm interested in how Shenmue online will be and hope Shenmue 3 will come out on a system I decided to purchase so I cancontinue the adventure of Ryo-san and his quest to avenge his fathers death. ninja2.gif
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