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Full Version: I got an internship
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Hey all, just wanted to brag on myself for a minute.

Last Friday I interviewed for a position at a local science and engineering firm for the summer and fall.

Without going into the gory details, the interview went well.

Today at 12:45pm, I got a call from the firm, and they had an offer letter ready to be mailed to me. In addition to offering me the internship, the man on the phone said that I made a very favorable impression on a lot of people at the company, and because of my education and experience, I would be getting paid more than the average intern.

Tonight I'm going out to eat and will be having myself a few frozen margaritas in celebration.

Finals be damned, I've got a sweet job.

<3 Z
Congrats toast.gif
Victory is yours! Congratulations Z beigesmile.gif

Most exellent Z.
Awesome! (O'-')> Congratulations! toast.gif
Awesome, nothing better than getting a job you actually like. It makes life so much more bearable.

guitarist.gif solo for Zorya's new career move.
Congratulations! Where is it going to be at? Mine is in D.C..
Congratulations! A winner is you!
Awesome, congrats! sonicrun.gif
Thats really great, Z, I'm genuinely happy for you beigesmile.gif
Congratulations Z toast.gif good luck with the new job ^^
Vitamin D
Hey Congratulations, that's really cool to hear. levelup.png
QUOTE (Frosty @ May 1 2006, 07:24 PM)
Congratulations! Where is it going to be at? Mine is in D.C..

Thank you all, for the very kind words. It really means a lot to me.

Frosty, here is the link to the company. It's a tech firm in Stillwater, of all places! Oklahoma: the next Silicon Valley? (I highly doubt it.)
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