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Full Version: Sony E3 conference 2k6
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All the info is here, this is what I found most interesting:

-Playable PS3 demos this week at E3.
-Gran Turismo HD with Cars and Motorcycles
-Free XBL-style online community, with handles, text/voice messaging, content download, etc.
-Virtua Tennis PS3 buttrock.gif
-MGS4, "Raiden: 'Now it's my turn to protect you, Snake.'" Liquid Snake!!!
-PS3 Boomerang controller is no more, now it looks like a PS2 Dual Shock, but with an X360 styled guide button in the middle.
-THE CONTROLLER HAS MOTION/TILT SENSITIVITY! "Six degrees of freedom with no external sensor required" "will come packed with every PS3" Wii-owned? I'm not 100% clear on the full capability of it.
-Two configurations for launch, Retard Pack with 20GB HDD, and PS360-real-deal pack with 60GB HDD

Japan: November 11th. 20GB: 59,800 yen. 60GB will have open price retailers will set.

America: Nov 17th. 20GB: USD 499, 60GB: USD 599.

Europe: Nov 17th. 20GB: EUR 499. 60GB: EUR 599.

I thought I could hold out till late 2007 to get a PS3, but it seems like they aren't going to hold back. I must have one as soon as possible... but damn $600 bucks?!? wassup.gif I think i'll have to eat cat food for the rest of the year.

EDIT for more info:

The PS3 controller (i guess it isn't called Dual Shock anymore, since it doesn't rumble!)
user posted image

System dimensions:
PS3: 325mm x 98mm x 274mm / 5kg

Compared to:
Xbox: 320mm x 101mm x 260mm / 3.84kg
Xbox 360: 309mm x 83mm x 258mm /3.49kg

This is one hulking monstrosity of a machine... 11lbs! Bigger than the original Xbox!

Retard Pack lacks: Wi-Fi, HDMI output (bye bye blu-ray movie playback), Memory Stick/SD/Flash card inputs.

The PS3 itself:
user posted image

Looks the same as before, but apparently they have taken out a lot of the ports promised before. (like the gigabit ethernet ports, 2x HDMI outputs) Also the chrome stripe may indicate that one is the Premium unit (like the DVD-drive on the 360?)

Upon further pondering... PS3 is too damn expensive, and the game I'm most excited for is MGS4 which sure as hell isn't making the launch. I will probably just wait this mutha out after all. We still have the MS and Nintendo Conferences tomorrow, and of course E3 proper, no need to get overexcited at this point. beigelaugh.gif
And so Sony steals every good idea its competition came up with and has a $500 to $600 price tag. [sarcasm]Yeah a real winner there.[/sarcasm]
To be honest I really don't care that they stole the ideas. Now I don't have to say "Sony should have done what Nintendo did!" because they did! ;)

Besides, This is a good move, 3rd party companies will be more inclined to make games with motion sensative things since two systems support it instead of one.

You can battle the grimes all you want that they stole ideas really, but when it comes down to it they took it because it was a good idea in the first place, and the inevitably is going to make the system better. ^^
Time to get my hands on $2000 so I can cash in on the freaks that want to pay exorbitant amounts of money for this thing.
Hey, remember when game systems costed 150$ or so?! beigerolleyes.gif

600$ is my fucking rent right there.
Man, is PS3 running for office or something? They keep making so many promises and then keep breaking them. Every press conference with PS3 seems to talk about some new feature meanwhile another feature is dropped. Anyway, I still want one haha. Armored Core 4 ftw!
lol I heard that it's gonna be $699. Wonder how much profit you can get selling it through eBay.

Sony Checks Out

As for the controller...
QUOTE (DJ_Donkey @ May 9 2006, 11:11 AM)
lol I heard that it's gonna be $699. Wonder how much profit you can get selling it through eBay.

Sony Checks Out

As for the controller...

$500 so sayeth the crazy game designer of a roommate I have.
Sony shot itself in the foot with such a price point, but it'll probably end up outselling the Wii. I'd cash in on both if I had the funding.
I don't think it will outsell Wii or 360 for a while. The price point puts it outta the "joe six pack" gamer market, which is what PS2 and PSX dominated. PS3 in its current state and price point seems aimed only at hardcore fans and VG/Tech/Home-Theater junkies with lots of disposable income.

The $500-600 price makes 360 premium look like a bargain, and Wii like chump change. When it comes down to it, when a mullet jockey walks into WalMart to buy a VG system, he'll spring for the cheaper one.

I will buy it when MGS4 or DMC4 comes out. beigelaugh.gif My biggest fear was that GTA4 would be on PS3 exclusive, but now that its announced for 360, I feel a little better, hehe.
I don't know how many people have seen the Metal Gear Solid 4 trailer yet, but in case you haven't it up at the website. available in both HD and standard.

To be honest, I didnt really feel any excitment from the Trailer they showed over at the Tokyo Game Show. But this trailer has me Skeet skeet!
Vitamin D
Yeah the new MGS 4 trailer is nice man haha. Those graphics are crazy good. beigebigeek.gif Another game that looks pretty tight is Heavenly Sword, which looks God of War like. Can't go wrong with that haha.
FFXIII looks amazing. i'm sold. i remember back when saturn came out i paid like 400-500 for it and virtua fighter beigebiggrin.gif. and so far xbox 360 has no games i want to play other than ffxi wich i already have for ps2 :l
I was just coming to post the price tag. $500-$600? Sheeeit, I'mma hafta do without for a while. Looks like I'll be getting a 360 and a Wii.
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