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Full Version: The Official Sig/image testing thread
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well here's my new one to start it off

*Flaunts cheesy sig*

Hey it's new. >_>
*also flaunts sig* buttrock.gif
I have a question, what is the maximum size that a sig can be? I just finished a new one and wanted to know before I uploaded it.
Angel of Enders
I take much pride in my sigs even if they're not the greatest. I wanted to make a new one but I need to find what I'm lookin for before I can start.
Behold my dry sense of humor...

no sig limits for now, 25,000-30,000 bites is a good range. as long as nothing gets out of control we'll keep this loose policy.
OMG, 'Rinn got a sig!! beigebigeek.gif

Ok, yeah... so it's kinda big. >.>;

Lemme know if it's a problem and I'll take it down.
Whoah, great stuff Rinn!
Layrinn, your sig is very out of focus on my end. I like it very much, but it's out of focus.
Here's mine. Have you tried to click on it? It moves and makes noises!
As soon as I can sweet talk Dive into turing on swf's for the avatars, i'll put up my tiny groovebox! It's awesome!!!
Hey scu, what do you mean by out of focus? Is the text hard to read or something? I've asked a few other people, and they say the image looks fine to them. I don't wanna have a messed up sig, so if you could elaborate a little that would be great. =)
wow... weird. It's in focus now.
Before, it looked like you had jpeg'ed the hell out if. It was all alaised and stuff.
Now, it looks great! Sharp too!
My computer must have been crunchin away on something else while the pic was drawing.

Nice shorts, btw.

oh yeah, hi back! (from last nights missed pso)
When I saved the image in photoshop, I used the progressive compression mode to make the file size as small as possible... so maybe that had something to do with it? Either way, I'm glad it looks fine for you now. =)

Enjoy the view. ^.~
QUOTE (unitself @ Jul 25 2003, 10:40 AM)
As soon as I can sweet talk Dive into turing on swf's for the avatars, i'll put up my tiny groovebox! It's awesome!!!

Flash is on for Avatars now! megaman-run.gif
I love the groovebox btw.

Great sig Rinn trophy.gif
Awesome sig 'Rinn
Hmmm....that is a cool sig. A little big, but who cares? It is well compressed and took no time to load. Good work!
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