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Full Version: MS paint story
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So there I was, happily playing Oblivion, doing whatever the hell I wanted in the game.
user posted image

Then for some reason, I decided that the game could use a little more variety. So I went to planet elder scrolls to look for some interesting MODs.
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I downloaded a mod and got psyched up to try it out, but I realized that I didn't have winRAR on this hard drive yet. Sequentially, I went to and found a torrent to get winrar. When I opened the zip file for winrar, it had more than just the install file.Naturally following the instruction of the readme, I opened the file named "CRACK.exe" first.user posted image

What happened to my computer next is beyond me.
user posted image

I think 32890723 things were installing all at the same time, and 3298783290 pop ups started coming up. I immediately began installing programs like adaware, norton internet security, and spybot. Each program found hundreds of things wrong! It took me all day to fix everything.

The moral of this story: Oblivion is fine how it is.
That blows, the other moral should be when its free a program, get it from its offical site.
I was too greedy, I wanted winRAR gold.
oh another thing your art work has greatly improved over the ninjagamer comics and looks great
If you needed the said program, you could've asked me beigerolleyes.gif
Awesome MS Paint story though haha.
Haha, good story I love the last drawing. "You dead! haha!"
Good way to start off my morning. spinning.gif
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