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Full Version: More photoshop antics!
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Well, there wasn't much going on last night... so I decided to take some more pictures of Rinn. To get some interesting camera angles while I was alone, I loaded up EN1 and headed for the little alcove near Central Dome. What started out innocently enough quickly degenerated into trying to look up Rinn's shorts... >.>

(more on that later... keep your eyes on the Photo Shoot thread. ^.~)

Ahem! ^-^;;

Anyways... after it was all said and done and I was looking through the images I had generated, one in particular caught my eye as having potential to be something a little more than just a booty shot. My creativity took over an possesed me to work on what you see here until about 7.30 am. x.X Don't ask me why, but apparently I do my best creative work when I'm dog-tired. *shrug*

So like... here's what I started with:
user posted image

And here's what I finished with:
user posted image

I lurve photoshop. Hope you all enjoy it. ^-^

*goes to collapse in bed*

(BTW Clay or Dive, put this in the official sig/image thread if you feel like that's where it belongs)
Tiiiiiight! All I have is PhotoDeluxe that came with my PC, and it doesn't live up to the "deluxe" portion of its name.
nicely done rinn. is that almathera lightning or xenofex? looks like xenofex to me....

those are shorts of Rinn's sure have some sharp edges! hehe
Wow, that's really good. The only word I can think of is amazing. Keep 'em coming, 'Rinn. ;-)
Thanks, everyone. =) I'm glad it looks as good now as it did at 7.30 in the morning, and it wasn't sleepless delusions or anything. ;p

Clay, the lightning was a separate image. There's almost nothing in that picture that was original illustration on my part. I completely suck at drawing. Do a Google image search for "Lightning" and I'll bet you can find the picture I used. ;) And you're right... when you take these extremely close up shots, you can really tell where ST skimped on the polygons. Maybe if they ever make a real PSO II, we'll see some nicer models... though I'm not complaining about what we have now. ^.~

Vitamin D
That r0x0rz! buttrock.gif that really is nice...more! more!
Hey great work Rinn! It Really adds an extra dramatic flair to the already extreme angle.

QUOTE (Rinn @ May 17 2003, 06:42 AM)
What started out innocently enough quickly degenerated into trying to look up Rinn's shorts... >.>

beigelaugh.gif beigelaugh.gif beigelaugh.gif shades.gif
Angel of Enders
Wow, I didn't know being a little "dirty" could spark good inspiration.
Nick novalis
WOW thats really good! trophy.gif
Yeah, it is cool. Makes me wish I had've gotten Photoshop instead of Jasc Paint Shop Pro 7. I just hope when I do buy 8 that it has features similar to that.
Well Azrael,looking at your sig,if it's the Jasc thingie you used for it,it's pretty good...nice sig and Avatar. buttrock.gif
Thanks. The Idea for it just came to me after I had just finished the other one I made.
so... Layrinn, maybe there's more?

Do we need to sign a waiver that we are over 17?

... i have said too much. :D
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