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Full Version: Ghost Rider Trailer
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Ghost Rider Trailer

Looks like ass, and I hate Nicholas Cage in the role but I gotta admit, the shots of Ghost Rider blasting around on his flaming chopper are totally badass.

IPB Image

IPB Image

Fuck it, I'll go see it. buttrock.gif
The movie looks awesome, but damn't wheres the Deadpool movie starring Ryan Reynolds?
Man I knew Nicholas Cage was bad for this part. He looks too damn old. Is he wearing a toupee in the movie? This is ridiculous, who's his villian gonna be Parkinsons disease, or perhaps USA's senior citizen Medicare programs? At least his spirit form looks good.
Cage may be old, but he is what got the movie made. Since he says hes a big Ghost Rider fan, I hope he does the role justice. The only difference I see is instead of Jonny Blaze being a young hot shot daredevil, he is older daredevil trying to relive his glory days. Also from the trailer it sounds like he has been Ghost Rider for some time before the film starts and parts of it are flashbacks. So taken in that context it seems all right to me.
Nice! A Ghost Rider movie. buttrock.gif

Honestly, I think Nicolas Cage is a good actor though, I'm hoping he'll do the part right. But even then it might be ruined if the script is shitty. So sue me if I think Nicolas is a good actor (I liked the movie Family Man, if anyone has seen it). beigelaugh.gif
Its not that I think Cage is a bad actor. In fact The Rock and Face Off are still some of my favorite movies.
But the Ghost Rider stories I read where about a man in the Prime of his life. A very young stunt devil with a demeanor of one 30 years his senior.

Also just because Nicholas Cage was a fan doesn't mean he's not an oppertunist. Like the director from Silent Hill said, "This movie should be made by a true fan first, not an oppertunist." I think it was in reference when they denied the movie rights to Tom Cruise or something.

The movie still isn't out yet so I'll hold all my opinions intill I actually get to see it.
Nick Cage definetly looks like a doofus in a rug, but the CG ghost rider looked really badass.

If they are going from the "burned out daredevil" angle that Knightsword suggests it might come across OK. I guess. skullcross.gif
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