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Full Version: X-Men: The Last Stand
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Vitamin D
Well for starters, everyone has to admit, that raising up to the task of topping the second movie would be truly difficult. Well, I liked this movie, but the second was a lot better. It wasn't entirely bad, it was actually pretty entertaining. The main problem is with resolutions. You see, the movie sets up various scenarios... then goes no where with most of them. Oh, and a few people die... important people. It made things more dramatic but also seemed just a way to make things undeniably conclusive. And conclusive it was, but there were a couple hints at the end (just before the credits and after the credits too) that would seem to suggest that another X movie could be made, even though it is beleived this would be the last. I didnt' think it was a horrible movie by any stretch, but I did feel it didn't live up to my personal expectations. If I had to rate it, id give it a 3/5. Fun to watch, but a lot of things get unresolved, and characters that you'd expect to have a huge role in the movie die. Oh yeah, too much Storm, and not enough Colossus beigebigrazz.gif Anyway that's my view. Now onto something hilarious....

beigebigeek.gif SPOLIERS! beigebigeek.gif

Ok everyone knows the Juggernaut is in the movie (I think you know where I'm going with this haha). In one scene, Kitty Pryde is able to use her powers to temporarily trap Juggernaut beneath the ground. Juggernaut looks up and says "Don't you know who I am?" At this point i say to my friends "I'm the Juggernaut, bitch!" a second after, I'm repeated by him on the big screen. Yes, he actually says "I'm the Juggernaut bitch!" in the movie. Needless to say, I was laughing my ass off, and I was one of the very few to get it hahaha good times. And yeah, that's all I got, peace. megaman-run.gif
omg when i saw that part i had to leave the theatre because i was laughing so hard i couldnt breathe beigebiggrin.gif
When he said that shit, I almost started crying! Hilarious...great movie though. Did......


Magneto move that chess piece @ the end?
Just got back from it myself. This was one excellent movie. The aforementioned Juggernaut scene had the entire theater laughing.
I didn't particularly like the movie, but I didn't hate it. I'm a pretty big X-men nerd, and a lot of my friends are screaming bloody murder about how the movie was handled. I'm not very critical, and I enjoy seeing live action recreations of characters I grew up with as a kid. That's really all I went for, and that's what I got! Though there are a few things they sincerely messed up story-wise that can be righted with a fourth movie, I doubt after this one bombs Fox is going to let the direct of X3 try his hand at another.

Spoiler warning -------------------------

Yeah, Frosty, he moves it just a bit. Leech's (The little kid in the white room) powers are supposed to be temporary, thus the "cure" that they derived from him was temporary. So Rogue can have sex with Iceman maybe once... beigerolleyes.gif

Did anyone else stay until after the credits roll? There's a ten second clip that leaves a pretty big twist after they finish.
Kinda weird how the only stand out of one of the more anticipated movies lately, has to be the whole Juggernaut thing. Talk about suckage.

I'm gonna watch it tho still, maybe. . or not, I don't know haha.
I dunno about that, There is the good ol'fastball special
"Oh my stars and garters!"

Overall I wasn't too pleased with this movie, but it wasn't entirely horrible. I think if you just look at it in the context of the movie trilogy its a decent finale. The whole morally ambiguous situation of the "cure" for mutant-ism was pretty well played out. Needed more Colossus though!


+Beast was awesome. Kitty Pride/Shadowcat was good too.
+Iceman going full ice armor was totally sweet, as was his showdown with Pyro.
+I'm the Juggernaut, bitch!
+Naked Rebecca Romijn.
+Cool opening part with Angel as a little kid.
+The part where Wolverine's skin was melting off and you could see his skeleton was cool.
+Fanservice sentinel part at the beginning (even though it was just a danger room simulation.)

-Juggernaut is a mutant? What is that shit?
-Cyclops dies offscreen and doesn't do jack in the movie.
-WTF @ Arclight the Androgyo-Prince mutant. I spent more time trying to figure out if that was a guy or girl than actually paying attention to the movie.
-Not enough "newbie mutants." Where is Jubilee? Or Gambit?
-Cop out "Oh wait professor X is still alive!" ending. At least have the balls to keep the people you killed DEAD.

I give this one 2 out of 5 Schnikity-Schnikity-Snhaaaw Berserker Barrages.
Damn! What happens @ the VERY end? I didn't see the clip. I might go see it again tommarow though.
It isn't the firsr time ol'Jugsy been a mutant, he is one in the ultimate universe, and there have hints here and there in the regular universe that he has some untapped mutant potential not related to the Jugsy powers.

As for the prof X, he isn't the world most powerful telepath for nothing and him not escaping death via astral projection would have been lame. As for Cyke, if you ain't seen the body then they ain't dead, comic's first rule.

QUOTE(Frosty @ May 28 2006, 12:29 AM) [snapback]24916[/snapback]

Damn! What happens @ the VERY end? I didn't see the clip. I might go see it again tommarow though.

[spoiler]He astral projected himself into that mindless body he shown to the students in the beginning[/spoiler]

>< I guess spoiler tags wern't in the upgrades
I actually enjoyed the movie. There were a few lame parts but I found the movie to be enjoyable at least.
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