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Full Version: Transformers The Movie
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The website for Transformers the movie has gone live with a countdown to the release of the teaser trailer
See it here

Thats the Autobot symbol in case you're wondering
Autobots vs Decepticons >>>>> Fireworks

'Nuff said.
All the transformers will be completely cgi in robot mode (save for one which will appear as an animatronic puppet for a scene or two), most will have actual vehicles for their vehicle modes

A Decepticon

Another 'con

Good ol'Bumblebee (Blame VW not the movie)
That tank looks pretty badass. Isn't Starscream supposed to be an F-22 or something?
Thats correct, there is also a helicopter decepticon, another tank decepticon, a boombox decepticon, and Megatron supposedly will be a cybertronian aircaft. As for the autobots, theres gonna be Optimus Prime-semi, Ironhide-pickup, Rachet-ambulance, and Jazz-exotic sports car
The teaser trailer is up now at the offical site, link is in first post
Peter Cullen Confirmed As Movie Prime at Comic Con

Nothing beats the original
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