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Been very quiet on this board lately,peeps are busy i guess and the good weather is upon us but i thought i would start up a little "roll call" post to have everybody report ;) and also tell us what's in your consoles or PC' or handhelds lately gamewise,if any.

I'm still playing a lot of WoW,loved the Titan Quest demo for the PC so i might pick this up later this month,some FFXI on the 360 and some Table Tennis(ping pong)and some UNO on the 360.
Let's see...

Started playing WoW again, and also playing Suikoden 5. Waiting anxiously for 8/31 and JP PSU.
I've been sickly addicted to monster hunter on the PSP.
Vitamin D
Well basically I've been playing 3 games a lot haha. Final Fantasy XI, Makai Kingdom, and Shadow of the Colossus. The latter 2 are actually copies on DVD-R that I'm able to play.... yeah I'm a true pirate haha. pirate.gif As far as Colossus goes, why the HELL didn't I listen to you guys!? I was thinking, "it can't be that tight" but man, I should have been on the wagon sooner haha. Anyway that's how I'm rolling these days. sonicrun.gif
As for being a rampant lurker, I've found myself coninually playing the good 'ole PSO on my GC. Some of my accomplishments include, finding a sealed-j-sword, getting an Orotiagito, leveling my battle FOmar, and making a experimental HUmar that uses the whole set of Flowen's gear. Obviously, this addiction is probably because of PSU, just have to re-live the old days before the future comes along. beigelaugh.gif
Damn you found a Sealed J-Sword? trophy.gif

I've been somewhat busy here with school, work, and the World Cup. Ecuador 4tw toast.gif

On games I picked up Metal Gear Solid 3 Subsistance since I never got to play 3 before, Hideo is a freaking genius. Just recently got trhough the fight with the character called, "The End." Freaking long. On PC I've occasionally been playing Dawn of War: Winter Assault and even joined some random clan.

Yeah D man, Shadow of the Colossus is the truth. Shit, I think I'm gonna play it again now!
Yep AC9, I found me a Sealed-J Sword, now the agony of killing 20000 to make it the Tsumikiri-J Sword begins! bash.gif
I've been sucked into Tetris DS lately. I never really "got" tetris back in the day (on the NES and fatty-boom-batty grey game boy), it was just another game. But I picked up Tetris DS on a whim and I can't put it down. beigelaugh.gif The rush to beat my old score keeps pushing me on and on, I'm up to 301 lines now, and I can easily clear 200 every time I play. buttrock.gif The old-school Nintendo themed levels are excellent too, it was a great surprise to see classics like Excitebike and Duck Hunt represented.

Also been playing New Super Mario Bros. off and on. I already finished it, but now I'm trying to get all the star coins. I'm also trying (in vain) to get better at Gradius V, and of course continuing my neverending obsession with Devil May Cry 3: SE. guns.gif
i for the life of me cant figure out the appeal of tetris.i play that game and get bored within 10 minutes. but maybee thats just puzzle games in general for me. as for me im playing ffxi still recenlt lost a lot on byakko hadiate :( but i finnal beat ouryu and im on promyvion vahzl.
Use your thumbs, use your eyes, find yourself Tetrisized!

Anyone else remember that?

No doubt 50 years from now, there will STILL be people playing Tetris.
QUOTE(DarkEpyon @ Jun 13 2006, 12:49 PM) [snapback]24961[/snapback]

Use your thumbs, use your eyes, find yourself Tetrisized!

Anyone else remember that?

No doubt 50 years from now, there will STILL be people playing Tetris.

+ Tetris Attack/Pokemon Puzzle League.
I still play those on a weekly basis.

Other than the DS games I got, nothing new going on here.
I should pick up some wi-fi games.
I'm around, but been busy working with HC on getting a business off the ground, so theres not much time for anything else. Things are starting to lighten up for the time being though.

As for games, I play a little FFT here and there when I can't sleep. I'm game for any DS wi-fi gaming you guys wanna set up! All I have is Metroid and Mario Kart though.

Other then those things... just trying to take it easy this summer. mog.gif
Trying to get my drivers to work for Serious Sam 2, might just be my video card acting up tho.

Not a lot of new stuff. . if at all. Playing Secret of Evermore on the SNES.

Actully a lot of SNES games, like Shadowrun (cyberpunk goodness), Weaponlord, Stargate, and Mechwarrior 3050.

I'm helping my friends move, so I been kinda out of the loop. <_<
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