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Full Version: Buy one Birthday get another free!
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birthday.gif Elli and Astrid!

Hope you two are having a kick ass birthday! purzeltag.gif

The best things in life come in pairs!

Happy Birthday you two!
Let them eat cake.
Happy Birthday you two toast.gif
Get Drunk!
toast.gif toast.gif toast.gif toast.gif toast.gif toast.gif toast.gif toast.gif toast.gif toast.gif toast.gif
Happy birthday you two! buttrock.gif
Happy birthdays. toast.gif purzeltag.gif purzeltag.gif
thanks guys ...sitting at the beach with my mom and my daughter...unfortunately i'm sick hangsmiley.gif just my luck lol.
Vitamin D
Haha Happy Birthday x2. toast.gif
Happy birthday, ladies! guitarist.gif
Thanks to everyone who posted, and who meant to. I intended to reply to this post for quite some time now. I know it's been a while -- hope no one's holding any grudges ;)

This last year has been particularly eventful. Twenty-two is a very odd age. You no longer feel as though you're entitiled to the unruly irresponsibilities of youth. This has to be the age one ultimately steps into adulthood. I don't like it ;) My inner juvenile's still rebelling.

The plans for the upcoming year are looking well, though. I'm double-majoring in philosophy and math, close to graduation. I primarily added the second major to increase my chances of being accepted to a really good grad school. I'm mainly setting my sights high so I don't have to get sent to Wyoming or something to lecture cows on the dangers of aggression absorption through consumption, since the humans in those particular areas might be scarce and decidedly imbred, and attaining a teaching position in philosophy in New York is almost impossible.

Anyway, I'm so sorry for the overdue absence to who've missed me. I'll try to be more in touch, but I'm rarely even home and awake long enough to turn my computer on most days. Thanks again. Good luck. I love and miss you all.
Its good to hear from you, don't be a stranger, you hear me you you pirate ninja2.gif
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