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Full Version: Now you can indeed, have your Wii and Poo
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It seems Sony has trademarked a new brand name at the Japanese patent office, apparently for a controller. And it's called..."P oo S". Not quite unlike the aftermath of the Wii announcement, the jokes are already rolling in and let's be frank, that's no surprise.

Are Sony hoping to follow and succeed with the strategy Nintendo has utilized? As their rivals, do they hope an at first alienating name will sooner or later become highly identifiable, or is this just another silly move for the sake of publicity being creative?

Regardless of that, the source states the "oo" part could be the infinity sign. Or it might represent the two analog sticks on a Dual Shock controller.

While it's doubtable "P oo S" will stir the media as heavily as Wii, Sony haters surely get another piece of meat to chew on with this. It seems we have to wait and see if the patent bears actual importance as the Playstation 3 launch draws near. Lots of things can still change...

Next generation gaming sucks.

Piece of overpriced Shit?
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