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Full Version: Hello!
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I just joined AT and I wanted to say Hi to everyone. :~) Two of my friends, Jennara and Cid joined a few months ago and told me about your site. It looks like a great place and I'm looking forward to posting and playing online with all of you!

If you see any of the characters below online, then it's probably me! (yes, too many characters.. I know... beigelaugh.gif)

Mikella - HUnewearl - Bluefull - lvl 57
Alex Kitana - HUmar - Redria - lvl 21
Jade Emerys - HUnewearl - Bluefull - lvl 21
Cyan Emerys - HUmar - Redria - lvl 20
Tiris Cast - RAcaseal - Viridia - lvl 16
Juno Brennen - RAmar - Redria - lvl 16
Evan Zahn - HUmar - Oran - lvl 15
Skye - RAmarl - Skyly - lvl 14
Aidyn Sunlet - FOmar - Yellowboze - lvl 13
Samus Aran - RAcaseal - Greennill - lvl 13
Arashi Rei - HUnewearl - Bluefull - lvl 13
Alphonse - RAcast - Redria - lvl 11
Kitsune - HUcaseal - Purplenum - lvl 11
Onyx Mythril - HUcast - Oran - lvl 10
Nezumi - FOnewearl - Redria - lvl 10
Rayen Celes - FOmarl - Pinkal - lvl 10

beigebigeek.gif Thats a lot of characters. Nice of you to join us I beleive someone will be along with your george foreman grill in a few posts. beigelaugh.gif

Maybe you and me can level sometime My characters are pretty low level.*blushes*

Hey I just noticed that this Icon has a question mark wassup.gif heh
Welcome! Welcome! Man that is a lot of charas. The challenge is can you get them all to 200? beigebigrazz.gif It would take years to perform said task though.
Heya, and welcome to the boards! =D Things have been a little slow around here for the last week or so, but hopefull that'll change soon. >.>

I really like your character names! They're very creative. =) We usually hang out at Altair:05, so stop on by sometime and we'll get a game on.

See you online!
Hi Hi! New members and I missed them? beigebigeek.gif

Thanks for checking us out and signing up, I know you will enjoy it here. I haven't been here or on pso in a a few days but I will be back online soon. Like Rinn said we usually hang out on Altair 5, so look for us there on any given night.

Welcome Mikella! As 'Rinn and Dive pointed out, be sure to stop by Altair 5 and check us out. I'm usually on during late afternoon and evening hours. Check my sig for my character names, and if you notice me, be sure to get my attention. \*^-^*/

EDIT: Btw, I really dig some of your character names! Very creative. ;-)
Thanks everyone for the warm welcome! beigesmile.gif I'm mostly on during evenings at Altair 9 myself, so I'll definately check out Altair 5 and hopefully we'll see each other online! spinning.gif
welcome to ATHQ, next time you see Jen tell her to get her butt over here and post! beigebigrazz.gif

enjoy your stay.
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