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Full Version: Yo ho ho and $55 million!
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Highest opening day gross EVAR!

Saw it today, Great movie for kids and adults. Picks up exactly where the first left off and has a cliff hanger ending with a major surprise, leaving it open for a sequal. Good Stuff.
I enjoyed this movie immensly.
no spoilers pleeeeease, going to go see this as soon as the crowds die down a bit
If you didn't want spoilers, why'd you look in a thread about a movie you're just about to go see? beigerolleyes.gif

P.S. There's pirates in this movie, oops SPOILER. pirate.gif
Captain Jack obtains a Kraken club.
couldnt resist mate .....

got to see half of it...literally, got there early enough so we could get decent seats right in the middle, 2 minutes before the movie starts and i literally mean 2 minutes, someone in a BIG motorized wheel chair parked in front of us, and i traded seats with my daughter cause he was directly in front of her seat. We'll probably buy it anyway. skullcross.gif
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