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Full Version: 2006 Music albums.
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Been a while since we had a topic for ones music taste here, but also, we can try and intice other folks something to look into.

Is there any CD's you are looking forward to this year? Or has something already been released recently that you like?

(Dive and scu will appreciate this one) For me, it was Front Line Assembly's 'Artificial Soldier', that just came out in June, and damn I'm happy, this albums full of harsh industrial goodness, stuff older fans of FLA will appreciate (Hard Wired with touches of Implode). And the cover art kicks ass to boot.

IPB Image


IPB Image

August 22, I'm waiting for
Terrorfakt's 'Teethgrinder'. If you like loud, noisy, steel drums being ripped apart by chainsaws, and steel pipes being maimed by sledgehammers, you'll like this guy's work. Plenty of samples at his site. But his newer album will sound even more chaotic.

Most of the stuff I keep up with is in the industrial genre it seems. >_>

How about you guys?
I didn't even know that album was out, I'll have to pick it up.

Personally I'm looking forward to the new Amon Amarth album coming this fall. Hopefully Age of Conan will be coming out around then too, as this would be a great soundtrack to that game. buttrock.gif

I've also been listening to the latest release by former Godflesh frontman Justin Broderick's new project Jesu. The Silver EP was released back in April and while it still features the heavy droning "avalanch" of sound Godflesh was famous for, Jesu departs from the doom and gloom of previous Godflesh albums. Adopting a lighter tone and more approachable songwriting, Jesu breathes new life into the trademark drowned in sound Godflesh tone perfected over the years.

I can't talk about music right now without mentioning that Syd Barret has died. After struggling with diabetes for years, the Pink Floyd co-founder has passed away at the age of 60.
Valkyrie Profile 2 Silmeria OST.
Ooooh, I haven't heard any Amon Amarth in a while, I'll need some of that. king.gif

And yeah, the new FLA doesn't sound like Civilization (which I liked actully a lot), But people whined, so heres their new taste. (I'd send it to you if I wasn't on my shit dialup)

And that Syd Barret news is well, new to me, wow. That just sucks. cry2.gif
For a band that said "We're no longer going to make any more albums.", FLA sure have been prolific. What is this, their third release since that statement?
At least it's not another damn Delirium crap-fest. They destroyed the coolest sounding music and fluffed it up beyond embarrasment.

As far as new releases coming out, I'm sorry to say that I just don't follow it all like I used to.
The only releases I look forward to anymore are my own. HA!
I've personally been crossing my fingers for a new Nightwish album, Unfortunately front woman Tarja Turunen has left the band. :( so that is delayed indefinitely, they are scouting a new vocalist, hopefully Nightwish will continue to put out amazing music, but it will indeed never be quite the same without Miss Turunen.

That being said, I'm not looking forward to anything particular at the moment, but I'm always keeping my ears open for quality music.
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