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Full Version: PSOBB Mid-Summer Session
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HC and I have started up accounts for Blue Burst and are taking one last dive into PSO before PSU is out this October (hopefully). We're just wondering if anyone else is still playing, currently playing, or is willing to sign up and join us for some nightly PSO goodness. We're starting from the ground up, so we'll be low level noobies (again) for abit. untitled-2.gif

Also, was there an official AT ship and block you guys had on BB?
The question is... How often will you guys be on until then??
We'll I just finished a decent session (level 12 now). Well, the goal is to get on at 9-10 PM EST (or earlier) and play intill we tire (usually 12:30-1:00AM EST)
If all 3 of you guys start up an account I'll most likly start one up too. Although I won't be able to make it every night to play due to my schedule, I'll defiently be on some nights to game.
Sounds cool; we'll try to be on every night. Getting our asses smacked around by sand rappies because we're two men short isn't very AT.

Meseta drops are limited as hell in this game, it makes feeding my mag difficult.
Good deal, I just paid off my bill for my fall semester so I'm ready to rock. Just gotta put some money into my account which should be taken care of next week. Hopefully I'll see you guys then! spinning.gif
I guess I'll see you guys tonight. I just purchased another HL.
Awesome guys. HC and I have stationed ourselves on the last block of the last ship for the while. So look for us there. Hyperion 10, I believe.
yeah, hyperion 7 block 10. About to drop in now. Blasted tech drops are so few.

EDIT: Block 10
im gonna pass. i played past versions of pso into the dirt to the point that they are no longer enjoyable to me.
QUOTE(Alisha @ Jul 19 2006, 09:03 AM) [snapback]25145[/snapback]

i played past versions of pso into the dirt

QFT, i laughed.
So far the experience has been kind of like what PSO should of been when it first came out. Everything is better balanced, difficult to cheat, and a real satisfaction when rares are dropped. The difficulty to get mesetas in the beggining really hits the spot. Exp loss brings the game on a real level of being hardcore. It seperates the daring from the pansies. Is dying 20 times to beat falz worth it now, or should my sorry ass come better prepared?

But anyway...
It's all about the PSU anticipation. PSU is like 3 months away, so we figured we might as well finish off the last installment of PSO. Can't beat a "free download" with pocket change for a monthly fee.

Now I can say proudly, "I beat a rehashed PSO"

Get schooled by Episode4 Booma AI wannabies and sustain a large exp loss upon death. Doesn't that sound like fun?

Or is sitting in front of a computer for hours on end, waiting for a rare spawn to drop uber stuff even better? I can't tell, you all tell me!

Pretty awesome fighting the griffon again last night haha.
Awesome, i finally got my connection and everything set-up. Made a game and did the first quest with a bunch of wolves at the end. I always forget how fun this game is. Maybe later on tonight we can get our game on. I'm only level 4 though haha.

Question do you guys play with KB or a controller? If the latter, then what controller are you using and where did you get it from? I'd like to pick one up. Kinda wierd playing with KB.
We use a PS2 controller. You can buy a PS2 to PC adapater. It's a male USB plug with a female PS2 connection at the end. USB end plugs into your computer and the PS2 contoller goes in the other end.

I bought mine at radio shack, but just be aware that not all radio shacks might carry it in stores. If you're willing to wait you can order it online.
Iam jealous... guns.gif PSO
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