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Full Version: ATHQ Downtime
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I apologize for the downtime this afternoon/evening. The server that ATHQ resides on went down today and the support team at Wiredhub had to install brand new hardware, which they accomplished very swiftly.

Thought something crazy happened. Good to see it up and running. IPB Image
I thought it was the work of those evil Netherlands folk again. <_<
It looks like the server array that ATHQ is on was attacked and some of the IP's were routed elsewhere. I have been monitoring the hosting support forum all evening and one of the staff said that right now they are paying $160/Hr for install and setup of some new couple thousand dollar servers.

Fucking lame ass hackers. bash.gif
Good to see AT up again. Even if it was down for just for a few hours.
Hackers who attack forums are so pathetic. Actually hackers in general are pathetic, but to hurt something as benign as a forum... that's just sad.
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