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Full Version: Since Duke Nukem Forever was announced... ;)
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Oddies da Nerfed
QUOTE(Riel @ Jul 28 2006, 05:51 AM) [snapback]25201[/snapback]

That would be why I like to refer to it as Duke Nuken Whenever. Maybe even Duke Nukem Never.
If DNF comes out, it will no doubt be the greatest game ever.

Or absolutely terrible.

Regardless I will be first in line to play it beigelaugh.gif
Wow.... I'd forgotten all about this game. I knew it had been in the works for a while, but I didn't think it'd be since 1997. Hard to believe so much has happened between then and now. That page must've been written sometime last year or earlier this year because I think the Enron guys were sentenced and Ken Lay conveniently kicked the bucket early this month.
Oddies da Nerfed
Hopefuly Prey isn't any indication of what Duke Nukem Whenever will be like. Prey dev was started just prior to D.N.F. and was a giant pile of over hyped shit. Five hours of gameplay, wooo. But we get portals! Same style of portals that have been in games as early as Shadow Warrior and are garbage compared to the style HL2 is going to give us in Episode 2. Weapons were all uninspired and rather unimpressive. Ai was dumb as a brick, with the most advanved thing it did being strafe right, stop, fire, strafe left, stop, fire. For a game being in dev for 8-10 years, one would think they would do a better job. I really hope D.N.F. will be killer, and it needs to come out already.
I just finished Prey on the 360 this week and thought i was great...i'm a big fan of the Doom III engine though and this one looked awesome plus all the twisting/upside down,turning stairs and all where well done.Nice ending screaming for a sequel,hopefully it will sell well enough so they go ahead and make one.

My only gripe,the main character's voice acting was terrible.
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