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The diversity and flexibility of EVE makes it difficult to categorize it by conventional standards. What it is depends on the level at which it is played.

The game is set in an unknown portion of space, spanning thousands of solar systems, many of which are settled. Players begin by creating an in-game character equipped with a basic spaceship ready to explore the world. As they get acquainted with life in EVE, players can trade goods between systems or conduct other money-making ventures such as mining asteroids, transporting goods as a courier or even cleaning up debris for recycling. Financial gains made through such activities can be used to upgrade the ship with weapons and equipment and also to develop the character by purchasing skill packs used for training him or her in various skills he will need to advance in the world of EVE.

When a player has mastered the basics of the game, aquired some money and equipment and advanced his or her character through basic skills, the possibilities become almost endless. Players who wish to explore peaceful paths may continue to upgrade their ships to bigger and better cargo vessels with high-end defenses, purchase advanced mining or research equipment and continue to develop their characters by specializing in their preferred skills. Others may elect to pursue a more dangerous path such as piracy, smuggling or bounty hunting.

The basic role-playing and space simulation aspects of EVE are really just the tip of the iceberg. When players band together to form factions and alliances, the game progresses to a more grand-scale strategic level. Political intrigue, corporate espionage and the very essence of Darwinism bring dimension and depth to the game as the struggle for fame and fortune ebbs and flows with each new day in EVE.

However, the level at which each player decides to participate is a matter of personal choice. The game leaves ample room for continual progress and variety in all its solo playing aspects. For those who opt to do so, becoming the best lone-wolf pirate or bounty hunter is a never-ending task as the competitors are other human players who will employ every method at their disposal to gain an edge over the rest. Solo players are also able to hire out their services as mercenaries or hit men to other players or player-run corporations.

The bottom line is that we at CCP have strived to create a rich and immersive universe centered on human interaction. Players can play the game as a simple space trading game or endeavor to control the largest, most powerful company in the universe. We provide the rules and tools, but it is the players themselves who create the adventures.


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I thought i'd share some info about this game for those who haven't heard of it yet, its pretty intresting. I was going to make this a front page topic but since I am no longer an Admin, I could not. Hopefully some of you will join in the fun.
So EVE is what Galaxies should have been
Oddies da Nerfed
QUOTE(Knightsword @ Aug 2 2006, 11:28 PM) [snapback]25221[/snapback]

So EVE is what Galaxies should have been

No foot soldiering, all space flght with cannons, missles and warp inhibiters to prevent people from running.
Oddies da Nerfed
More infoses:

PvP, you can pvp anywhere with pretty much anyone. Many systems have a security rating of .5-1.0 in which NPC police forces will deal out some painful punishment to those who start shit. But they may not save you if you are a target.
There are devices to prevent warping, as well as drag playerso ut of warp into an ambush.
Corperations (guilds) can and do ally with eachother in order to control entire systems (5000 systems in game currently) build ships and weaponry for eachother, mine, so on.
Then there is 0.0 systems, here anything goes in terms of warfare against others. Allies and your corp are offlimits, but everyone else have at it. Here you will find players commiting acts of piracy, as wll as ransoming people off or just poding them.

Leveling, there is no levels. The game is stricktly skill based, ie rank 1 level 3 frigete to fly the more advanced frigates. Skillup contiinues offline and during downtime.

Trades, these involve renting production complexes and having the proper blue prints. As far as I can tell anything in game can be made by players. Obviously some blueprints are rare as can be, if theyve even been found yet.

Ships, these range in size from frigates to titans. Frigates being fighter sized with capital class Battleships, Dreadnaughts, and finaly Titans finishing off the high end. These last ones are capable of packing massive siege weaponry for smashing stations and other large objects. Each class has subclasses, some designd for covert ops, transport/mining, sieging, and just plain ship to ship combat.

Customising ships, here you can go anyway. Tank out a battleship with massive shield and armor addons, while another is pure weapon systems and systems to operate the weapons. Build ships designd to jam sensors and evade battles. Go non combat with a heavy hauler designd for mining capable of droping cargo pods that are secured via password that only you and/or your corp can use.

These as well as a lot more are what await in EvE, things like placing bounties on players heads you want dead. Buying your way through a player owned system, or bartering for protection from them. Lot of shit to do.

edit: Oh and ya, there is only 1 server. All players play on it, allowing for some heavy population.
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