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Well, i'm still not quite finished with this game yet, but it's the first console game that's had me interested enough to keep a straight sit down going for as long as it has!

I'll get right into my reasons for enjoying this game so much. For the majority of the game this game is a pretty standard RPG, however with a great battle system! Anyone who has played previous Suikodens can understand what I mean. The game itself offers voice acting and one of the most intruiging stories i've played through in a VERY long time. The basis of the game is the "108 stars of destiny" if you will, which is really nothing more than a way of letting you know there's plenty of things to do.

The story itself however concentrates on a Queendom preparing the rise of the future queen (your sister) at a young age through a tournament. The tournament brings warriors from all around, including two unfortunate subjects of the current queen fighting to take the hand of the new queen so that they can take control over the countries knights. That's really just the prologue, and I won't go any further because it takes away a lot to what the story has to offer, and it really does have a lot!

If you played Suikoden III or IV, I beg that you forget they ever existed and consider this game, because it's the only game i've played that comes close to rivaling II's gameplay and story. To match the story is some of the much better voice acting i've heard in video games, so fear not on that.

This game isn't all standard RPG battles by a long shot, it also introdues one-on-one duels and full out wars on a world map.

The one-on-ones are cinematic deals in which you react with an attack depending on what you think the enemy will do by what they say, which can be tricky at times.

The world map wars are more of giving each side an x amount of soldiers, and types (cavalry, archers, ground etc.) which carry weaknesses to each other, making movement crucial, and making this type similar to that of chess with a twist.

I don't want to go on too long so i'll wrap it up for the people who hate reading in bunches.

-3 Different types of fighting to add variety to the RPG genre.
-Great story. (Lots of twists.)
-Great voice acting.
-108 characters to recruit for many different obsticles in the game.
-Build up your castle to large proportions.
-Good music.
-Good visuals.
-About 60+ hours.
-Not Suikoden III/IV

-Not a whole lot of control on the camera, which can cause wierd angles at times.

Wiryu gives it 9.5 stars!

In the case that this does not interest you, here's a gift for reading.
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posting here about suikoden V probally isnt the best idea.

womgz its not a fps or pc game!
Well met good sir. This Suikoden V you speak of does seem rather interesting a bold statment for one such as I, whom has become very dejected in console RPG's. You know actually, I haven't really played a console game in the longest. Just haven't had the time. I'm hoping that would change once Dirge of Cerberus drops by the end of this month, Also Starfox DS and for anyone importing PSU. king.gif

I counter your image with this!

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QUOTE(Alisha @ Aug 6 2006, 03:47 AM) [snapback]25229[/snapback]

posting here about suikoden V probally isnt the best idea.

womgz its not a fps or pc game!

I thought I might try and reach out anyways, heh heh.

A good game deserves the credit it emits. ;)
The joy of this game is that it is incredibly standard rpg faire. It does nothing inventive, and it really does nothing wrong. That characters are solid and the story is intriguing.

It's really all about what you're looking for in a game.
Meh, agree to disagree I suppose, but I find things like such to be a nice difference in RPG play from the standard turn based game.
The problem with most console rpg's is you played the same game over again, there hasn't been a really unique one in ages. A series that comes close is the Shadow Hearts series and you can see my reviews for 2 and 3 at
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