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Full Version: Wii and stuffs.
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It seems as though there was an information leak on the Wii regarding Price and launch date. Many sources on the net have reported on an article from IGN which cited several anonymous sources saying that the Wii will retail for $229 dollars and launch November 2 or 12. The article was later removed and severly edited so as to not give away the sources. Date and price sound right to me, the president of Nintendo has stated before in an interview that Wii would launch before Thanksgiving. Even if this is just all speculation presented as facts, I feel strongly that info presented is correct , based on all of the bits of info leaked by nintendo over the passed months. Can't wait to play with my Wii!

thats wiiriffic news
I think it's totally awesome that Nintendo is keeping with their pricing policy.
While the other guys went for the uber machine. and the uber pricing, Nintendo kept their machine a "console that plays games" and kept it affordable.

Thumbs up, Nintendo!
Did someone say Wir?

What can I say? Nintendo has a way about it that tickles my fancy.
QUOTE(Wiryu @ Aug 9 2006, 01:19 PM) [snapback]25260[/snapback]
Nintendo has a way about it that tickles my fancy.

You been CS'ing without me??? cry2.gif

In other news its also been reported that the Wii will carry a huge launch lineup. Ubisoft alone has annoaunced 7 games on launch. From the AI intense FPS of Farcry, to a kid friendly game like Raymen, to the Wii exclusive Redsteel. This isn't even including the games by Nintendo like Zelda or Metriod or games by any other 3rd party publishers like a Wii version of the pretty hardcore Operating Room simulation game, Trauma Center.

I'm soooooo psyched about Wii.
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