UPS showed up at appox. 3:30pm yesterday, the box with most of the hardware in it was dented a bit on a corner bash.gif But everything was ok guitarist.gif The hardware installation went smoothly 'cept I did end up with a cut on my hand from the case door cry2.gif Next came the hard drive formating, Windows installation, and driver installation emot-emo.gif After that I plugged in the old hard drive to copy stuff over and not knowing that I couldn't access my documents folder from it crash.gif Next came the software installation, got everything in but the games save FFXI buttrock.gif I ended up playing FFXI with Crush and the gang for most of the night ninja2.gif After that I put the old hard drive back into the old machine, moved out the files in my documents, put the hard drive into the new machine and copied it over spinning.gif Then finally I went to bed beigesleep.gif