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Full Version: New Skin Added!
Apocalypse Tribe HQ > Headquarters > Meeting Room
I have added another new skin. This is one that I came across and thought it would fit in nicely. It looked great as is, all I needed to do was add a logo and some pso themed buttons.

~Note-this new skin is a fixed width skin and will appear smaller to those on 1024 by 768 screen resolution and higher. This is not necessarily a bad thing, it gives the site a different, compact look. Also the user profile/avatar area in this skin is aligned to the right, so don't be alarmed beigebigeek.gif

From your Control Panel, go to Skins and Languages, there you can choose which skin to view the site with. To see this new one, chose Mines from the choices.
Hey this skin is even better then the lab. Good timing too buttrock.gif It really adds to the whole apocaliptic feel I like it.
Coolness, I really like this one. king.gif
i quite like this new one, but i think i'll be using the old one, as i post on too many forums that it's just all higgledy piggledy on this one.

I like the "new topic" and stuff buttons tho, and the top pic is cool (not too fond of the sinow in the same pose twice tho[maybe use a sinow gold on the right, and then "color" it, or use color selects and hue and saturation to change it]) but yeh, lookin pretty, if too confusing for my feeble mind....

to de-confuse myself i had to look at this smily for ages.... ---> luna.gif
Wow, very groovy! Gonna take me a bit to get used to the avatars and such on the right. I'm really digging the new colors and graphics though. I really like the new banner up top as well. Those Sinows are just too cool. Also, I'm at 1024 x 768 and the compactness isn't too bad at all. Good work Dive.
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