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Full Version: Resident Evil: Umbrella Chronicles
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I've found some info on the upcoming Resident Evil exclusive for Wii. I can't confirm the validity of most the stuff stated but it seems faily solid.
Screenshot and info obtained from
IPB Image
Only Screenshot avialable =/

Here's the intel.

-The game consists of 4 "chapters", RE1's mansion, RE2's RPD, RE3's city areas and RE4's village (plus surrounding areas).
-Each chapter has 2 characters to choose from. RE1 has Jill and Chris, RE2 has Leon and Claire, RE3 has Jill and Carlos and RE4 has Leon and Ada.
-There are several characters that can be unlocked by playing through the game: Rebecca Chambers, Hunk and Albert Wesker.
-The gameplay of all chapters is designed around RE4's. Press the B trigger on the wiimote to go into over-the-shoulder view, aim with the pointer and press A to fire.
-The game will have QTEs, but rather than push buttons you have to make motions with the wiimote in order to get through them.
-All characters will have mle attacks, just like RE4.
-To encourage replayablility, each character has strengths and weaknesses, similar to how in RE4:Mercenaries Ada had the least health, Krauser was the slowest, etc.
-Just like in RE4:Mercenaries each character has a unique set of weapons. What's more players can only carry 2 weapons at any one time. Chris gets a pistol and shotgun whilst Jill gets a pistol and grenade launcher.
-You will be able to find several new weapons during each stage. For example, RE1 will have Richard's shotgun, RE2 will have the Desert Eagle, RE4 will have the Chicago Typewriter. There will also be new weapons like Krauser's anti-personnel robots.
-Similar to Devil May Cry 3, after each chapter you can save your data and any new weapons picked up will be available for use in Arcade Mode.
-Arcade Mode is like a giant Mercenaries minigame, where you pick a character and stage and blast through it. Building on the resounding success of Mercenaries seen when RE4 was released.
-Scenario mode will feature a large number of ingame cutscenes.
-New content not in the games that the chapters were based on will be added. The primary goal of this will be to link RE4 and Umbrella's status in it more closely with the rest of the series.
-Ammo conservation will play a part in the gameplay, so it's not just constant action like RE4.
-Trailer coming at TGS.
Um, a pure RE-mercenaries arcade style game... with funky wiimote controls for melee/QTEs...

FUCK YEAH SIGN ME UP!!!!! buttrock.gif sniperer.gif guns.gif
So its RE 1-4 Special Edition in one lovley package with wii enhancements very cool for RE fans and perhaps bad for sony haha
wiimote i mean powerglove controls can kiss my ass. but otherwise looks good. but im curious why RE4 instead of code veronica?
Because RE4 is fucking awesome, and nobody gives a shit about RE:CV anymore. Might as well inlude gun survivor or RE: gaiden if you want that in there.

But seriously, CV, as great as it was, is still just a RE sidestory. I'm sure they'll include that punk Steve as a bonus character, and of course claire will represent from RE2's chapter.
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