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Full Version: New Skin
Apocalypse Tribe HQ > Headquarters > Meeting Room
I added a new PSU themed skin, that is, PSU at-emote1.gif style.

I have made it the default skin, but if for some reason you don't see it, use the skin chooser at the bottom of every page or in your account options.

There is also a countdown timer applet running on this skin, if you have trouble seeing that, let me know. The logo will be slowly changing as PSU approaches.

As usual, shoot me a PM if you find something that doesn't work, otherwise enjoy! There will be more skins on the way.
Awesome job, as usual, Dive! Hahaha, I like the timer in the corner!

THE FINAL COUNTDOWN! guitarist.gif
awwwww shit
Let's dancing!
Oh man this is great. Dark colors = $$

*2 thumbs up*
IPB Image

Purple text and menu bars! Awesome.
Another awesome addition Dive. trophy.gif
Vitamin D
I love the new skin, but the timer makes me sad. It seems like so far away haha. cry2.gif
Wow.... this is fantastic.
Excellent job as always, Dive.
Nice...there is a weird refresh problem for a second with Explorer on my comp though when I use the back buttons for example,anyone else gets this?
It might be the countdown applet refreshing, I notice it takes a second or so to load due to it counting in real time.

Solution: use Firefox beigelaugh.gif

The site has been kind of slow the past day or so, that could be part of it as well.

I just tried IE and didn't see any problems, got the latest version of IE? I have 6 still.
Great looking skin Dive, as for i.e. 7 it is still in alpha/beta stage.
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